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My Husband Is Ready For Kwarans - Mrs Olufolake Abdulrazaq (Photos)

At Prayer Session In Ilorin;

The wife of the Kwara governor-elect, Mrs Olufolake Abdulrazaq, has expressed optimism on the administration of her husband to be people oriented.

She stated this at the special prayer session organised for the governor-elect and all elected representatives of the state yesterday at Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq's father's house in Surulere, Ilorin.

She expressed thanks to the people of Kwara for their out pouring of love for her husband by their presence in huge numbers at the prayer session.

She described their action as a step in the right direction for having a people oriented and inclusive government in Kwara.

She added that her husband is very much ready to be responsible and responsive as plans are on ground to better Kwara and the conditions of Kwarans during Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq and the deputy governor- elect, Kayode Alabi democratic dispensation.


  1. I hope you will be a supporting fellow as you ve been in the past to make him a very successful business, please make him a successful governor