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Constitutent Accuse APC KWHA Candidate Of Theft

One Babatunde Samuel Anjorin who claimed to be the son of the late Chief Gabriel Anjorin the former Campaign Manager of Senator Simon Sule Ajibola, has accused the Ekiti constituency All Progressives Congress (APC) Candidate, Hon. Ganiyu Abolarin of robbing his late father of his entitlements for personal gain.

Babatunde who made this allegations against the APC Kwara House of Assembly Candidate, Hon. Ganiyu publicly called him out on his social media page (Facebook) said and we quote;

"The only set of people that will vote for this man are Enimies of Late Chief Gabriel Anjorin & Enimies of Ekiti LGA; If you don't know, (ganiu) was a legislative aide and he worked with late Chief Gabriel Anjorin at the National Assembly but he went away with his National Assembly entitlements to build block industry at pipelines road in ilorin".

"For those who don't know, Anjorin was the Campaign Manager for ganiu's boss Chief Simon Sule Ajibola of the then PDP who was the senator for Kwara South Senetorial District for 16years. His Appointment was due to his merit on the political field during the campaign of Sen Simon Sule Ajibola in 2003 as his party PDP were denied the MANDATE, He filed a case against The then declared Sen Ajadi and Provoded Reasonable and vivid evidence which led to the Recovery of the PDP MANDATE which restored Sen Simon Sule Ajibola at the National Assembly. He (ganiu) is big with the name he came with because its Anjorin pattern to gain two religions votes for  Sen Chief Simon Sule Ajibola (SSA) Ganiu also came with  Gabriel Ganiu Abolarin (GGA)".

"He flaunts APC flag now because of percentage issue without S S Ajibola and Sen Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki. To those who cares to know, Anjorin was born over 62 years ago, He Was the first Secretary of PDP in Ekiti and The Former State Secretary of the party. He was the Secretary of Igbomina/Ekiti Solidarity Forum that brought about Creation of the Present Ekiti, Oke-Ero and Igbomina Region.He wrote MEMO of the Creation of Ekiti LGA and OKE-ERO LGA'S Respectively and Defended them at Respective Abuja Pannel. I stand to say the mind of not just the Anjorin's but other few minds Late Chief Gabriel Anjorin touched with his goodwill while alive. Your Vote for this man demonstrate your hatred for the Late Good Man (Anjorin) whose Families are now been taken care of by Sen Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki they now painted black.

Anjorin Samuel Babatunde

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