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BREAKING: Political Fracas In Agaka Isale Of Ilorin

From a reliable source, information reaching us have it that another political fracas is ongoing now between the supporters of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at Agaka area of Ilorin.

Our source also reveal to us that "the crisis began when the supporters of the PDP are trying to snatch ballot box. Presently many people are badly injured while ballot boxes are being snatched away." He said

More details later....


  1. May God take all the glory agaAgai All Odds and His perfect will shall be done in Jesus mighty name......

  2. May God continue to direct us. We can see why army should be in specific area.

  3. Being snatched

  4. Almighty Allah will see us through and allow peace to reign in our Nation.
    Election is not a do or die matter four years is just by the corner. If we can't win today let's pray for the coming one.
    He who fights and run away lives to fight another day let us give peace a chance.

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