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KWIRS, FIRS Staff Raise Alarm Over Missing Files in Their Offices

Kwara State Internal Revenue (KWIRS) and the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) are trying to cover up the illicit acts the current administration perpetrated through their agency by falsifying records, removing of  sensitive documents among others.

It will be recalled that the Kwara revenue agency KWIRS was redesigned under the Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed's administration to generate more revenue and made it to the top 10 state revenue agency in Nigeria.

However, most of the revenue generated by the agencies have been alleged to have ended up in private pockets. Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed, Senate President Bukola Saraki as well as other top state officials are reported to have utilized funds from the agencies to service personal interests as well as to sponsor their party PDP's election.

Some workers at the agencies who confided in us wishing to be anonymous said many sensitive files were missing when they resumed at their offices today Monday February 25, 2019.

Security personnel questioned at the KWIRS and FIRS reported that their was presence of highly placed government officials during the weekend especially on Sunday. But couldn't say what they specifically took out of the premises of the agencies.

The antigraft agency, EFCC is reportedly investigating many of the government officials which includes but not limited to Directors and Permanent Secretaries  and plans are under way to undermine the antigraft agencies investigations.

"Some of the top officials at the revenue generating agencies are even planning an arson that will be targeted at the files and records keeping department of the agencies" one of the staff who does not want to be named said.

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