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Dismissal Of Balogun Fulani: APC Field Operations Sympathize With Saraki, Other Fifth Columnists

There is no how hard the fifth columnists strive democracy has come to stay in Nigeria. Those who fought hard to get our nation on this path of self actualization will never allow marauders to derail us.

Those who paid supreme price during the struggle for return to democracy must not be allowed to die in vain by men and women of integrity living in Nigeria today.

For the likes of Bukola Saraki, politics provides him livelihood that is why he fights dirty to remain afloat and attempts to compromise every institution of state.

Today's judgement by the Court of Appeal dismissing the earlier procured judgement by an Ilorin High Court has further reinforced our belief that the judiciary can be truly independent, when fifth columnists steer clear of our courts.

There are two blows in this month alone the appellate court had served Senator Bukola Saraki and his cohorts in other parties.

We can only sympathize with them that gradually end is coming to the tyrannical hold on our people, assets and economy.

The first move to dismantle the wicked dynasty will be achieved on February 23rd when every patriotic electorate will vote APC and its candidates to usher in fresh breath.

The ignoble government in Kwara State is cancerous and it might have infected other institutions of state.The judiciary in this state will do more to convince the citizenry that it is insulted from the cancer.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in the state has suffered trust issues if reports emanating from the botched polls are anything to go by.

In Ifelodun local government area for instance, there were allegations of ballot printing in a village in Omupo district; ballot printing in a village in Igbaja district and three locations in Igbaja town.

We gathered that Youth Corps members posted to a ward in Ifelodun local government area were from Ilorin East local government area. What was that supposed to achieve when those from Ifelodun were left in the night cold without any instructions?

Any institution of state that allowed itself to be used will only go down with marauders and posterity will treat those actors accordingly.

We are pleased with the position of the President and Commander - in -Chief of the Armed Forces, Muhammadu Buhari reinforcing the military and police to deal ruthlessly with ballot box snatchers. This is not only instructive but a timely warning to all political hirelings and their sponsors. These political thugs have been distributed to all local government areas of Kwara State.

For instance in Ilorin East local government area, a woman heading one of the government parastatals has been assigned to coordinate activities of thugs in her area. There are arrow heads in every local government area.

While we sympathize with Senator Saraki and his cohorts as their ship sinks deeper every day, we encourage the discerning amongst them to jump ship now. There is no way those who put us in this sorry state will run away from justice.

We therefore call on all Kwarans to come out en mass on Saturday and vote for all APC candidates beginning from President Muhammadu Buhari.

Kayode Oyin-Zubair
Deputy Coordinator,
Field Operations Directorate,
Presidential Campaign Council
Kwara State


  1. Balogun Fulani?
    How about Balogun Oduduwa?
    A Tribe with no sense of self dignity or pride for answering their father's surname.
    Fulani Slaves.

  2. If Sowore says this I will listen. All others are thieves. CUPP members rot in hell. Sowore is the only option.