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I stumbled on a comic video of a renown Islamic Scholar,  Sheik Sulayman Onikijipa (Al-miskin billah), where he claimed that the Senate President Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki is Ilorin pride, that should not be allowed to be degraded, by the enemies of the town, he equally mentioned some few Ilorin sons, like, General Tunde Idiagbon, Major General Abdulkarim Adisa Bakare, Alhaji Muhammad Alabi Lawal, who had one time or the other being the Apple in emirate's eye, but were allowed to fall from the pick by the Ilorites.

 That the Ilorin people should desist from the chant of sending Saraki to a journey of no return politically.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to remind sheik, if he had forgotten so soon or to inform him and his like if truly he did not know, who contributed to the downfall of  the aforementioned Ilorin sons.

 Was his hurtful remark a regrettable stumble, or was it made with artful intention? Time will tell, as I do justice to it, sequentially

Saraki and Idiagbon

If integrity was a man, they would have called him Idiagbon.

Saraki never supported Buhari/Idiagbon regime, not minding the same emirate blood running in their veins. Saraki together with other kleptocratic thieves whose heartless goal would not be reached until the nation is plunged into a well of hopelessness, came together to kick boot Idiagbon out of the national service to humanity.

So Saraki, and not Ilorite saw to the downfall of Idiagbon.

Saraki and Adisa Bakare

Major General Abdulhakeem Adisa was a religious, hardworking, skillful and dedicated Army Officer, politician, who was a philanthropist per excellence, the only crime Adisa committed was to contest against Saraki's anointed candidate and subsequently became Saraki's Political river. What was his end? I will tell you the answer, he became masses enemy just because they are apologetics to Saraki's dynasty, he later died unceremoniously.

Who was against Adisa, Saraki of the people of the Emirate? .......... I leave a space in your mind to fill the gap

Saraki and Muhammad Alabi Lawal

Saraki shot arrows of diatribes and swearwords at Lawal like Boko-haram Terrorist,
When the relationship between Saraki and his erstwhile godson, Lawal went sore. Lots of propagandas was cooked against Lawal by Saraki and feed Ilorin people with it, he was successful in giving Mohammed Lawal a bad name and turned the one time respected philanthropist to people's enemy and succeeded in pulling him down.

Who was against Lawal, Saraki of the people of the Emirate? .......... I leave a space in your mind to fill the gap

The good people of Kwara State have been swimming in abject poverty under the tyranny of the Saraki Family for several decades.  We have been suffering and smiling for so long,  that it seems that suffering in subjugation has become our second nature.  The Ilorites have become an object of mockery by people of  neighbouring states, where development resides, about our supposed and assumed inexplicable acquiescence to brutal subjugation, enslavement and endless denigration by a single family that has held us to ransom for so long without us being able to revolt or do anything about it.

Sheikh Sulyman Faruq, should tell us how struggle for freedom became conspiracy?

Sheikh should tell us what quality did  Saraki family possess that other family household did not?

Ilorin, is what it is today because of our inability to live a life of integrity. The pillars of our guiding principles are no longer standing on the foundation of value.
Instead of dignity and morality to be the watchful directors of our course, we decided to let vanity and impunity to rule over us.

Enough of menace of dilapidated roads
Enough of poorly equipped health centers
Enough of schools where pupils lack teachers, facilities
Enough of one man sitting on state's treasury
Enough of tyrannical government

We say yes to an all inclusive government
We say yes to a government that has the love of Kwarans at heart

We say Ó TÓ GÉ
We say Lílo léé lo

(c) 2019

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