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When the poor masses cry with endless tears coming out of their eyes and jointly call unto God, no amount of magic or sacrifice by any Shiek can stop God from answering the calls of poor masses, because there is nothing between Allah and the prayer of the oppressed.

The revolution taking place in kwara today is a sign that God has answered the cry of poor kwarans, so any self acclaimed sheikh can say anything he likes or perform any magic, that won't stop this moving train. We need to cast our minds back to some of the atrocities that have perpetrated against kwara for almost 16 years.

The first that comes to mind is the case of young farmers in shonga, that their land were forcefully aken away from them, turning them to okada riders. Many of them as a result of accident are dead, some permanently disable. These were young vibrant rice farmers who can produce the rice that could feed the whole of Nigeria if given the neccessary support, many destiny destroyed.

Our civil servant have lost their dignity because of unpaid and underpaid  salaries. I remember a civil servant in offa who had to steal 5kg bag semo because he had nothing to eat with his family. This is someone who must go to work everyday. Do you know that many civil servants do okada riding after closing at work? Just for them and their families to survive because salary are not been paid or paid in miserable percentage.

Gratuity of retirees have not been paid since 2014 and people are retiring every month. No gratuity no pension after serving the state meritoriously for more than 30 years. Many retirees have died because they couldn't take care of themselves, many are suffering from terminal diseases without proper care and someone who serve for just 8years as governor is collecting the same salary as the present governor, he gets three new cars every year from the purse of the state.

We must not forget the abominable crime committed by the thugs of our so-called leader against the good people of offa. We will never forget the 33 +1 innocent souls groulsomely taken, among which was a pregnant woman carrying a child coming to live with a destiny unknown to anyone, the child was killed before it birth. The families of these innocent people have not stopped crying to Allah to avenge for them.

I dont want to belaboure my readers too much because the atrocities that have been committed against the poor kwarans are beyond imagination and that is why from every nooks and crannies of kwara, people are shouting "Ò TÒ ĢÈ" enough is enough. So any self acclaimed sheikh who fear is pot of soup will be broken with this revolutionary movement must be warned so he doesn't crash with the crashing dynasty because the cry of the poor masses have reached Allah.

 Hon. Kazeem Bolanta

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