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Saraki Thugs Unleashed Mayhem On APC Members In Agbaji

Some political thugs that are believed to be working for the Senate President of Nigeria, Dr. Bukola Saraki, was said to have unleashed mayhem at residents of Agbaji and its environs for supporting the All Progressives Congress "O To Ge" rally that took place yesterday, 11th of January, 2019 in Ilorin.

Affected areas include: Ottan Compound, Akaje Compound and others where APC chieftains are domiciled.

Our source who pleaded to be anonymous said, "Some Bukola saraki thugs that waylaid the campaign train this evening are currently unleashing mayhem in my family house at Ile Aiyelabegan.

"The entire area are in fear as some of our supporters are wounded at Ode Ottan."

The following thugs: Abayomi of Ile Layeri, Lati of Ile Oloduowo and Tunde Stubborn of Ile Wopa, who are also natives are leading Bukola's Thugs.

"They destroyed properties and threatening the lives of the entire family, including my aged father, claiming that the Entire Agbaji belongs to Saraki.

"They also removed 'O To Ge' banners we hosted and we have made reports tobl the police." The source disclosed.

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