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Face The Electorates Not Police - Tunde Fadipe To Saraki

The game is over for the self acclaimed political lord of Kwara State politics, it however not unexpected to see him crying wolf ahead of impending political disgrace.

The politically confused Senate President of the Republic is not finding it easy,his political camp is in total disarray and he has been rejected totally by the people of Kwara State

His allegation of police after his life is not only a big lie, it's an alibi by his poor sense of judgement to make people believe is a super man of Kwara State Politics. Saraki troubles started with his arrogance and pride to the system that made him. All the political big guns that has been sustaining the self professed dynasty has abandoned him to do his magic alone. He will never survive the O TO GE revolution on the street and that is what is making to be jittery.

The popularity of APC in Kwara is not unconnected with the achievements of President of Mohammadu Buhari and unblemished personality of the leader of O TO GE revolutionists AbdulRasaq AbdulRahman.

The Saraki's political leadership experience in Kwara is a replica of Idi-Amin of Uganda episode. A fraudulent system of total bias to the aspirations of the people. It is a total disgrace to the concept of democracy. How come the police is the Saraki's problem? Is it because he couldn't use the police against the people anymore? Saraki leave police out of this and be a man for the first time.

Saraki should count police out of his troubles, he should face his campaign and approach the election with his plans without looking for any excuse.

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