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Why I Left Saraki For APC - Dr. Seyi Adigun

On Friday, December 21, 2018, fully aware of the eager pen of history and the divine order which allows for re-posturing and righting reflexes, I, Dr Seyi Adigun, returned back to the All Progressives Congress (APC). I took this decision after thorough reappraisal of events both recent and past, enamoured by my closely knit political supporters and associates. I took the decision, strengthened by clear signals of friendship and camaraderie by like-minded compatriots who share the same ideals with me beckoning to me from the APC side of the isle. I took the decision, buoyed by the undying affection by several communities in my base, who were relentless in nudging me to return back to this track.

With this step, I have exited the PDP and also taken a bow out of the political camp to which I have belonged for over a decade. I must appreciate the unwavering concerns of those who sensing the imminence of this latest political move made sincere efforts to convince me otherwise. Your concerns for me are indeed genuine. However, I am neither the subject nor object of this matter – this is entirely about the people and about the future of our dear Kwara State and Nigeria.

It is about the little children and younger ones that we all see playing leisurely around us, unwary and unaware of the threats to their future and their dreams of happy lives. It is about a myriad of multiple lofty interests that in good conscience, I am no longer convinced I can champion as long as I remain in that other Party. Today, in Kwara State and Nigeria, the All Progressives Congress represents the best opportunity to provide the most sincere and decent leadership that can restore the hopes of the people and enliven the dying fabrics of good governance. We cannot afford to return back to the years of the locusts. ‘The earth is ours to plough, not to plunder’! [Niyi Osundare in The Eyes of the Earth]

Today, across Kwara, there is a depth of despair to which citizens have fallen that only concerted commitment by an unfettered government can remedy. A government with the APC governorship candidate – Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq at the helms of affairs offers that needed remedy. Towering immensely in people-centric ideas, integrity, acceptability and genuine commitment, the O to gee [Enough is Enough] mantra which has heralded his campaigns across Kwara is a metaphor which being so apt needs no further prologue or epilogue.

At the national level, it is instructive to note that the past three and half years have seen the President Muahmmadu Buhari-led administration come head-to-head with elements within the politburo who have utilised every shenanigans at their disposal to resist the collapse of the old order of corruption and personal enrichment. Nigeria belongs to all the citizens and it is unacceptable that a scanty fraction of the populace will hold the entire lot to ransom. The 2019 General Elections is a unique opportunity for the Nigerian people to reassert the overarching powers of citizens to determine their own destiny and future; to reject the attempt by yesterday’s merchants of avarice to gain access to our commonwealth. President Buhari’s re-election is our best deal!

In taking this decision, I want to specially appreciate the unwavering support displayed by my political associates and friends. Of note, I commend Hon. Sikiru Afolabi, who as the serving PDP Ward Chairman in my political base, Ajasse Ward 2, showed no hesitation in keying-in to the idea of returning to the progressive track. By this decision, he has chosen to sacrifice the interests of self in lieu of the vision for better opportunities for our people. Equally, I commend Hon. Rafiu Kareem, former Councillor Ajasse Ward II and Deputy Speaker Irepodun Legislative Council as well as Hon. Ope of Igbonla who have made similar sacrifices. Along with them, I acknowledge the thousands of our supporters from about 53 communities in Ajasse Ward II who hearkened to our reasoning and returned with us to the APC on Friday 21st December 2018.

I salute our governorship candidate and by popular will and divine order, incoming Governor of Kwara State, Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq for his originality and inspiration. My gratitude also to the authentic State Chairman Honourable Bashir Bolarinwa, and other APC Party stalwarts. I also want to use this medium to acknowledge the doggedness and vision of the APC Leader in Kwara State, Alhaji Lai Mohammed for his encouragement and fatherly disposition.

I thank my big brother, Hon. Raheem Olawuyi Ajuloopin (MHR, Irepodun, Ekiti, Oke-Ero, Isin Federal Constituency] for the initiation and midwifery of discussions leading to my return to the Progressive family; his re-election in February 2019 is a done deal!

Enough of the mediocrity, charade and a reign without rudder, enough of governance without conscience.

O to gee! Let us reinvent Kwara State and Keep Nigeria in track for progress!!

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