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Matters Arising From The Ongoing Grading Of Traditional Rulers In Kwara State

Some decades ago and intinerant nomad came to Igbonna-land to graze his herds and probably pitch a camp. With the permission of the then Onigbonna, he was given a patch of land to settle at the outskirts of Igbonna town.
The nomad, feeling lonely at the place decided to name his new settlement Gaa Bolorunduro.

That was then. Today, the outgoing government of PDP in Kwara State under Gov. AbdulFatah Ahmed will crown one of the direct son of that nomad as the First Onibolorunduro of Gaa Bolorunduro.

This is, as a matter of fact, one of the aberration that characterized the ongoing upgrading of traditional stools in the state.

In fact, genuine elevation of some deserving traditional rulers in Kwara State is long overdue. But why the current exercise is obnoxious is the lack of due diligence and proper consultations with the existing Councils of Traditional Rulers.

Recall that in the periods leading to last General elections in 2014, the incumbent governor reeled out names of Baales and Magajis to be promoted as 4th Class Chiefs in accordance with the Kwara State Law on the upgrading of Traditional Chiefs, but the announcement of these names drew the angers of the Royal Fathers in the Traditional Councils who complained about lack of consultations before shortlisting the candidates to be promoted. This was followed by series of complaints, protest letters and in some cases, litigations.

In defiance to all these, and in desperate moves to rekindle the dwindling fortune of the party in government at the state, Kwara State Government has gone ahead to give letters of appointments and Staffs of Office to some of these Baales. This is notwithstanding the pending litigations in some cases.

Of particular concern is the coronation of one Yisau Atolagbe of Gaa Bolorunduro which is planned for today. If the government should proceed with this exercise as planned, this will be a big slap on the faces of Elerin of Erin-ile, Onira of Ira, Olojoku of Ojoku, Onipe of Ipee, Onijagbo of Ijagbo, Olukotun of Ikotun-Ile,  Onigbonna of Igbonna-land and other Royal Fathers in the Oyun LG Traditional Councils. This will also desecrate the sanctity of traditional institutions in the state.

The planned upgrading of Yisau Atolagbe of Gaa Bolorunduro, a nomad settling on a borrowed land is tantamount to unjustly making a tenant the automatic landlord of his rented apartment. This is an aberration that can never be allowed to stand.

As it is, the entire sons and daughters of Igbonna-land in conjunction with the Traditional Chiefs' appointment authority, that is, the Oyun LG Traditional Council have vowed to do everything legally possible to resist the recklessness of Kwara State Government on this issue.

We are aware that the desperation of Kwara State Government on this matter has serious political undertones, unfortunately, the government has caused itself more harm by the clumsy manner it has handled the matter.

Unless it stand down the exercise at the moment to sort out the knotty issues raised, the party in power should be prepared for the worst at the next general election.

A suit has since been filed in respect of this nonsense in Suit no: KWS/OF/23/2018 between Prince Oyebode Kasali Akinola and others as Claimants
The Executive Governor of Kwara State and others Defendants.

Waheed Abolaji wrote this on his facebook wall and I found it interesting

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