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OPEN LETTER TO PROF. OBA ABDULRAHEEM (Kwara APC gubernatorial aspirant 2019) - Ibraheem Abdullateef


Dear Prof. Oba,

I write this open letter to you with every sense of sobriety, decorum and respect. I earnestly hope it meet you well. It's become necessary to calm the fray nerves aftermath of the disappointing party primaries that was expected to birth  unanimously elected candidates across the political positions but ended up delivering quadruplets of problems for the liberation - seeking opposition party in the state. As a keen observer of the whole process, I have been observing closely the crisis that engulfed the party leadership on all fronts as an after - effects of the awesomely terrible primaries and I was impressed to behold, that they have started extending Olive branch to the concerned party men.

While I condemn in strongest terms the irregularities, abnormalities, discrepancies and inequities that characterised and mar the intra- party elections, I wish to state without fear of contractions that embracing peace and unity of purpose in the interest of Kwarans is the way to go. This is why I found it surprising, shocking, exasperatingly flabbergasting to see some party members and elders alike sending parcel of arson and exchanging correspondence of verbal missiles and invectives on social media when it's already evident the party was sitting on a keg of gunpowder which I firmly believe, that, this action  of name calling is debilitating, back warding, unnecessary, frivolous and impolitic. The picture I paint with my words maybe ugly but the message is pretty and savoury.

It's in lieu of this I wish to extend my words of pacification to you, Esteemed Talba Ngeri , to as a matter of fact, in no distant future, embrace the supremacy of the party in the interest of the good people of Kwara State tired of the evil, egregious, wicked and devilish sons of Satan masquerading as our Lords and saviours. I am duty bound to remind you that about two decades of misrule, misrepresentation and misappropriation is the bigger cause the people of Kwara State wish to banish out of reality. This is why it has become more expedient for all hands to be on deck. I firmly believe as a political leader it's not lost on you that politics is a game of numbers. How would the cause come to reality when a pillar like you is   playing the silence game?

I am holistically enjoining you to take the disappointment in stride. I wish to plead that you see it as a game of facade that produces unknown, unexpected results. However, since you don't throw a baby away with his bath water, we just may need to look the other way this once for the liberation struggle to bear fruits. After all, when a game is gamed by players winning or losing become inevitable. So is politics - but more grand, more worse, dirty and unconventional; deceitful, shocking. But then, the wise player never forgets that in this game, there's no ultimate loser, only lessons are learnt. I  hope my anecdote are not lost on you, erudite Scholar.

It's incontrovertible, incontestible and unarguable today, in Kwara politics, you are one big pillar that can hold your fort anyways, any day anytime. This is unconnected to the enviable years of value, honesty, sterling public service records, boundless community service and high communal sense of belonging which has almost become your second name. So it's not unexpected to see your die- hard supporters willing to take the swords for you after the primaries. But as a leader, peace is non- negotiable. Progress is ultimate. This what every leader live by. To achieve progress for Kwara, the opposition party needs peace which you have a very prominent role to play. This, I believe, is the path of posterity. This I believe should be a course to chat for you too, Sai Talba as a leader of the Masses. Or Would you let personal interests and egos ruin the masses' dream?

Without much circumlocutions, it is an open secret that every gubernatorial aspirants has reluctantly identified with the candidature of Alh. Abdulrahman Abdulrazak in the interest of the masses. This act of nobility, as described by them, was to enable the realization of the cause which is freedom and liberation for Kwara. Whereas they made their unhappiness known, they are getting encomiums from left, right and centre today for doing the needful, shelving personal interests and egos for the interest of the masses they claimed they loved. It's on the backdrop of this we continued to hear you claiming the mandate and challenging the party. On till today, despite the retinue of good- spirited people coming to see you, we haven't heard you declare a public support for the party candidate. This I say, is worrisome, unwholesome and disturbing.

It's even more misrepresenting the level with which your believers and followers denigrate, insult, abuse, disgrace, harass and embarrass the party's Flag bearer and the party leadership. This doesn't portrays the needed unity of purpose and togetherness the party is in dire need at this point in time. And I am most convinced that the everyday throwing of shades and diatribes by Talba Armies could be dosed by a single press release declaring support for the party and candidate. When is Prof. Oba Abdulraheem doing Kwarans a world of good by lending his voice to the cause?

I am stung by the bee of altruism to intimate you of your decreasing popularity and eminence amongst the youth. Like a mere paper- joint talks it started before gathering wings to fly that you are an old desperado and anti - liberation crusader. To me and other political discerning minds, these are mere beer parlour talks deserving no attention. However, I am afraid it is a matter of time before such talks spread around. And like you should know, it takes a lifetime to build a name, but even a minute is too much to destroy it. This informs the title of this open letter; Posterity is nigh. I strongly believe such a man like you shouldn't let politics smear your enviable moral and academic records spanning several decades. It may not be long before you, the leader of the masses, become their enemies if you continue to grandstand. I know you are not privy to the fact the people are tired of the present hegemony and won't stop at anything to send them packing. How do you think they will view you, dear professor, or anyone, whose action or inactions, is against the success of the opposition? I am sure you understand better.

Against the backdrop of this political jabberwocky, I urge you with every sense of urgency and honesty to lend your voice to the cause of liberation soonest. As a matter of fact, the world are waiting to hear from you. Like a father, stomaching this impasse for the people won't ever be forgotten. And I am afraid so would be opposite. It will however be on records whether you hearken my voice of reasoning - the voice of the voiceless Kwarans or you let ambitions hold you and the state into ransom. While I can assure you that cheers, encomiums and celebrations awaits your declaration of support for the party and its candidate soonest, I can equally assure you failure to do so may spell societal doom and gloom for you. May God forbid! This, like I said earlier, is an ugly words of truth with a clear, pretty message.

I hope you resolve soonest Esteemed Talba Ngeri of Ilorin. The world awaits your voice. But in whatever decision you make, I wish you remember such would determine your side in the context of posterity. Posterity is Nigh.

Ibraheem Abdullateef, writer and political activist, writes from Ilorin. He can be reached via email

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