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How KWSG Withhold Lafiagi College Of Education Allocation - Kwara North Youth

Kwara State Governor Abdulfatai Ahmed withhold the allocations of Kwara State College of Education Technical Lafiagi, the only tertiary institution from Kwara north of the state, and when contacted by the Kwara north elders, The Governor claimed that the instruction was from the above, that is, Self-aclaimed Kwara State Leader(Saraki).

When the Kwara north youths made investigation into the matter of the COET Lafiagi allocations withheld, Kwara north youths found out the following reasons:

1- That Kwara north traditional rulers refusal to join in support PDP Party of Kwara State Government.

2- That Kwara north youths also followed suit by withdrawing their support to PDP Party.

3- Saraki said until Kwara north Senatorial zone joined in supporting PDP Party of Kwara State Government, or else, henceforth the allocation will seize.

4- That Kwara north Senatorial zone has always giving him Saraki headache by refusal to join hands with his party PDP.

5- That Kwara north traditional rulers and Youths has once threatening him (Saraki) that if power (Governorship) refused to shift to Kwara north, that Kwara north will pull out from Kwara State.

Kwara North Youths Resolution:

1- Allocations to Kwara State are shares of revenues from Federal Government of Nigeria, accrued to 36 State plus FCT of the federation.

2- It is constitutional right of each MDA's in the State to receive monthly allocation, which the State Government cannot starve any of the MDA's.

3- And when the State decided to starve a particular institution or organization of allocation, that organization has the right enshrined in the constitution to resort to a legal action.

4- And if the organization or institution refused to resort to legal action, The senatorial zone where the institution is located also has the constitutional right to resort to legal action against Kwara State Government.

Kwara north youths urged Kwara State Government/Saraki to do the needful or else, Kwara North Youths will Stage a peaceful Protests accross Kwara State, before resorting to legal action.

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