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Congratulations, Kwara State Government...-Ibraheem Abdullateef

Dear Kwarans, join me in saying a big thank you to the " responsive and proactive people's government'' under the disable leadership of our " reformer '' governor, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed, for the ongoing massive rehabilitation  ( patching roads is a massive rehabilitation in my state) of the capital roads. It is believed that prompt appreciation of a noble and altruistic deed enables another, so it's only natural to praise my governor for eventually heeding the calls of his people on the bad state of roads in the state capital four months to the end of his tenure. I am convinced such rare act of responsiveness shouldn't go unnoticed and unappreciated. It's on this satirical note I wish to congratulate Kwara State government on the initiative and success of the ongoing road rehabilitation across the capital. I hope the government notes my loyalty for been the first to extend my good wishes before several other " notice me '' starts going on radio to copy my good -naturedness.

First and foremost, l should put it to you that I am now convinced beyond any " reasonable " doubts that by all indices, this yeoman job would reduce talks of underdevelopment and underperformance amongst the Kwara Social media Oloyinbos. In fact, henceforth, there should be no talks of lack of enviable and outstanding achievement to showcase anymore. I have no doubts whatsoever that our more than enough SSA Media aides are armed with another tagline to sell to the docile, unassuming good people of Kwara State anytime they go on radio. What am I even saying? I don't think we shouldn't make several jingles on this "massive road rehabilitation'' to let the world know it's truly good here in Kwara State.

And now that I thought of it, I wondered who, in his / her right senses as a Kwaran, if not " on opposition payroll '' would say Kwara is not developed when even an outsider like the loud Vuvuzela called Mr. Kola Ologbondiyan just sang high praises of the development? I mean, Who else should be minded when the state government is doing its tremendous best to make Kwara roads exquisite for another 2 - 3 months? In a state like Kwara especially, I guess Kwarans has not realised how favoured, lucky and fortunate they are having a " prudent and astute banker as governor ''. I am flabbergasted people still complain when they are blessed with " the only governor with no abandoned project''. I wouldn't want to believe it's hard for the people to see the Midas touch of this reformation government on projects such as vast unemployment of Kwara youth, acute moral decadence, a comatose health sector, half - dead education amongst others. These are the reasons I think we should seize the lifetime opportunity to enjoy the Christmas - styled governance of Maigida , especially, one that introduced to our local government staff an acute financial lessons. I am sure such big lessons wouldn't be forgotten and they would be joining me in this business of appreciation in the coming elections.

In what was perhaps a good week for Kwarans, there was another thing to put big hands together on for Kwara State government. Like a loyal Kwaran and not " a detractor '' I wish to felicitate with his Excellency Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed for his good luck and blessed stars that made the Federal government to adopt one of the former administration 's policies in his tenure. I hope you wouldn't take me for a jester now. No, pardon me. I'd thought it's only good of me to join our radio dynamo, Dr. Muhydeen Akorede in felicitation mood over the Federal government adoption of the initiative of a former state Commissioner for Education under Sen. Bukola Saraki, Mallam Bolaji Abdullah 's Every Child Count educational initiative. I strongly believe it's not due to misplaced priorities or absence of positive engagement that almost made that singular happenstance a state occasion on the social media. Well, I feel the Social media warriors missed that because I had expected their endless oyinbo querying such display of insensitivity when the state of state education is unworthy of celebrations. I had resolved not to say anything too because I am aware this is a government of continuity and every past administration's little good accomplishments are ours to laud to remain in the good book of our Lord. And maybe because I know, this is Kwara, there is never a bad time in the state of harmony. After all, it's good here. So dear KWSG, take my congratulations.

If my memories wouldn't fail me, I still remember with no efforts, one of the wonders of this government. In what is at least another testament of the " ingenuity'' of our reformer governor, the much- vaunted and over - celebrated Operation No Pothole, an initiative designed to commemorate Maigida N Bara's ( sorry, hunger is in the land now. Begging is on the rise and the bucks stop at a leader's table ) 100-days in office celebrations. Pardon my manners, dear KWSG, for not extending my congratulations then. I should have done that as a loyalist. However, I  don't want to remember anyways how that became the highlight of the governor's first three months in office. Road patching, sorry massive road rehabilitations for good three months! And I wouldn't want to remind you that the said roads only needed another 100 days after the celebrations to become death-traps and fast lanes to hell. Perhaps nobody cares what becomes of them, after all, the papers and radios were fed the news and the world had heard. Who else needed to hear, what else needed be said when the governor had sent message of productiveness to the world? After all, it's Kwara. It's good here. But now that we are back patching the roads again, I thought I shouldn't miss the opportunity of airing my appreciations this time. Don't even bother, I am sorry, I forgot that playing jingles on radio is more befitting!

Dear good people of Kwara State, I beg your pardon on behalf of the state government that the next six years after that attention- grabbing, trumpet - blowing, photo-Ed season didn't witness such rehabilitations. It couldn't have mattered much no matter how dehumanizing, agonising and terrible your daily experiences on those roads to the state government which was working, and never stopped working how hard you have suffered. After all, it doesn't matter where and when it is done, prosperity was being shared around. I am not just at home with constant questions from several quarters claiming not to see these impacts. I wouldn't know why as a people it is hard for Kwarans to commend the efforts of the " responsive and responsible  government '' of Maigida N Bara, a people's governor at that!

Dear KWSG, if others wouldn't applaud you for suddenly remembering your responsibilities, I, as a loyalist, is convinced I should  sing your praises like loyal praise singers such as Ologbondiyan and cronies if it would make us see more of your " modest '' performance. It's not lost on me how hard it's to satisfy our people. I don't know why it's that hard for those people to forget the harrowing experiences of the last Six-and-half years as parents, artisans, civil servant, olokada, iyaloja and more. But I would just tell them to " exercise more patience '' with your government. I am even sure they would forget all of that " grumblings '' by the time Maigida continue his good work in the Senate. However, what I wouldn't know is if the said good work will not be in "aiye Atunwa ''.   

Mayhap, dear KWSG, I should start making some people realise being a citizen of a state require sacrifices. Perhaps in Kwara, the sacrifices are the unquantifiable loss of beloved family members to hunger, hardship and petty illness taking the big souls away because of unpaid salaries . I will tell them , dear KWSG, that their fathers, mothers, wives and children that they lost their lives to curable illnesses and avoidable accidents as a result of bad healthcare services , unpaid salaries and hell-like roads should be forgotten. I would make them aware good thing is not easy to get. In kwara, such is the price you pay for having a "reformer '' Maigida as governor. I will forget my dear friend too who lost his life in Offa pogrom. Maybe I shouldn't make mention of this before these social media activists suddenly come to life on that.

Dear KWSG, out of haste to congratulate you, I didn't check if you had patched the road to your end. I didn't mean to be satirical there.  Pardon me if I sounded so. I just thought telling you all the patched roads may matter little at this hours. You can be sure anyways, it would make you at least visible for once in the last seven -and-half years. But I am afraid just only for a while, just for sometime before the people remember the dying state of healthcare system, K- legged education, jaundiced security and neglected social responsibilities. Sorry I would say all this in my congratulatory article , but I thought telling you as a loyalist is good than having those Rebirth guys saying them on radio.

Dear KWSG, I am not perturbed you would work tirelessly to the end of your tenure. I know that's a top secret I just divulged, Pardon me. I had thought it is natural the people should know how resilient and tireless you have become. I expected that they would be surprised to see a government virtually unseen and unfelt , perhaps resting in the last 7 years, suddenly  roared to life when elections is four months away. I entertain no doubt it's nevertheless defensible because we were just waiting for the right time. And now that the hours is now, let Kwarans be mesmerised by the Christmas - styled governance of the reformer governor.

Dear KWSG, I am aware you know our people can be tough. And now that it's politics time, let he who have eyes see the truth. This truth may be ugly but the beauty in it is that it always prevail. So dear Kwara State government, accept my loyal Congratulations for showing Kwarans you could have  performed wonders if you had wished but chose to be inactive and unfelt, sorry resting, for 7years out of 8years two-term tenure. Accept my congratulations for finding your mojo at this wee hours. You really deserved been appreciated and commended. I only hope  2019 isn't too far away to get a befitting send forth for such a " sterling performance '' in office. Wait dear Maigida, the end is near.

Ibraheem Abdullateef, a passionate Kwara youth, political activist and social commentator writes from Ilorin. He can be reached via email

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