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We Are Not After Abdulrahman Abdulrasak's Candidature- Kwara APC Foundation Members

What We Want is Equal Distribution Of Positions

As today marks the second day of the peaceful protest of the Kwara State All Progressives Congress (APC) Foundation Members at the party's  state secretariat demanding for equity, fairness and justice in the distribution of positions with hastag #KwaraAPC4Kwara, members of the group vowed to carry on with the struggle.

The group has made their stand known to the public through the group spokesperson Hon. Comr. Isiaka Toyin Warah that "Our gathering here since yesterday till now is not about the emergence of  Abdulrahman Abdulrasak's candidature but it is about how we the foundation members of the APC will not be schemed out of everything."

"We raised the an idea of consensus arrangement but some individuals within the party said no that is direct primary they want us use, interestingly direct primary which was adopted becomes our albatross. We are living witnesses to what the outcomes of the Primaries are today. The party now decided to go by what we have suggested earlier. What we are asking for is our own share... Who we can call our own."

"I have said this yesterday evening that what we want is very simple, what we are saying is that they should give us our own slots as  foundation members, we have made huge sacrifices for this party. So in the spirit of equity, justice and fairness we are making a five requests known to the party and public.

"We are foundation members, they should give us our governorship slot or something next to the office of the governor.

"Two out of three senatorial seats should be given to us.

"We are demanding for three out of the six house of reps seats.

"We are demanding for twelve out of 24 house of Assembly seats.

"We are demanding for a memorandum of agreement on how government is going to be formed when after the elections.

"With the aforementioned demands, those are the only ways going forward and if not we still continue to be here". He said

Photo Credit: KwaraReporters Media

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