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Sadiq Umar Itemize Plans For Kwara North

The Kwara North senatorial candidate of the APC, Pharmacist Sadiq Umar, has promised his people quality representation if given the mandate.

Sadiq Umar made is commitment known to the public today, Monday, 28 October, 2018, at the Fidau Prayer of Alhaji Iliaisu Moro's mother held at Honourables' Quarters in Ilorin.

Sadiq, who pledged his resolve to make laws that would impact positively on the lives of the people if given the opportunity, said his plans include ensuring that he used his office to attract development to people at the grassroots.

He said, "When I emerge as the Senator representing Kwara North, we just have simple plan for our people, which is essentially anchor on three major areas: Education, Healthcare delivery and Infrastructure which are the major things that will help our region to grow and develop."

Sadiq also spoked on how he will use his office to rehabilitate roads in his region that are in bad state. He said "Kwara North roads are in a very terrible states. Baruteen has terrible roads; Patigi, Edu and Kaiama have terrible roads. If by the grace of God we get to the Senate chamber, the priority is to see how these roads will be brought to the standard that we can get for the region.

"We are aware that some of those contracts are awarded but there is very poor job going on there. We will find out what is going on there and those that are not contracted, we will pursuit it to make sure that these roads are fixed as fast as possible".

Sadiq also disclosed his plans for the youth of Kwara North. In his speech, he said: "I am very passionate about the youths, and I know they are the strong support base and they are the future of the country and Kwara North".

"So it means that, we have to ensure that we have functional education. We have to ensure that they have requisite skills to make them productive and whatever policies we have to pursue both at state and federal levels, because the problem is so huge that no single government can do it. We have to work together as a team at all levels of the government, and beside that, private sectors is one area we will be looking at because government cannot solve all our employment challenges. So private sector, Non Governmental Organizations are the various windows we are going to exploit to ensure that our youths are gainfully employed and skillful enough to be able to do something for themselves and perhaps even employ other youths.

"So we are not going to rely on government alone, we have to look at other windows, because the problems is so much that we have to be creative. We have to think out of the box and that is exactly what we are going to do to empower our youths, so that our future, especially in Kwara North, can be secured." He said.

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