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Press Conference: Kwara APC Group Gives Condition For Winning in 2019

An address delivered by Hon. Comrade Isiaka Toyin Warah, Concerned Foundation Members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kwara State to Journalists at a Press Conference in Ilorin on Saturday, 20th October, 2018


It is heartwarming to address you today, our friends and members of the fourth realm of the estate. We must acknowledge your dedication to duty and support in our collective efforts to grow our democracy. This call to duty requires sacrifices from all us.

As you may be aware, there are a number of issues that have attracted discussion amongst members of our party and the public. Such issues include but not limited to party primaries held in the last two weeks.

We have carefully studied the emerging issues and as stakeholders in the party, we are compelled to present our own thoughts which we are sure are capable of strengthening the party and present her as a united front for the coming elections in 2019.

You will recall that on Thursday 27th, September 2018 we called out concerned foundation members of the party who have been part of the struggle from onset to offer genuine and workable ideas; many were part of similar struggle in 2014 when we were working to chose party's standard bearers. It is unfortunate we have to tread the same path again, when we can really claim that, our party has returned to us.

In the Thursday 27th, October 2018 special programmed called to advise parry leadership on emerging issues, we advised that the best and rancor-free mode of primary would be by consensus. We added that, either direct or indirect mode of primary will achieve nothing but rancor, name calling and distrust. What did we see eventually?

However, since we have all seen what the popularly-demanded but untested mode of primary caused us, it may not be a bad idea returning to the drawing board and fashion new way forward.

We have equally found out that, the spirit and content of our last outing are not only relevant now but the only antidote that can solve the current conundrum.

As stakeholders in the Kwara project and APC, we have a responsibility to refresh the National Working Committee (NWC) of our great party on the way out of our self-imposed troubles.

We are concerned about coasting home to victory in the coming elections and one of the ways to ensure victory is to bring all stakeholders together in a manner that can guarantee trust, oneness and dedication amongst all members.

We have equally observed that what obtains in the party today is a modified consensus mode of primary, since results of the last exercise have been discarded by the NWC.

In the light of the foregoing, we demand that, we are given the following positions:

1. Governorship slot
2. 2 Senatorial slots
3. 3 House of Reps slots
4. 12 House of Assembly slots
5. And agreeable terms on the formation of the next government.

Those are what we considered time tested solutions to problems bedevilling the party at this material time. Anything short of this will not only be counter- productive but inimical to our common interest ahead of 2019 elections.

In conclusion, we invite men and women of good conscience to join in this crusade that is aimed at repositioning our party ahead of the big task.

Thank you all for your attention.

Hon. Comrade Isiaka Toyin Warah

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