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Disclaimer: KwaraReporters Know Nothing About The Video That Speaks Against Abdulrahman Abdulrasak's Candidature

The attention of has been drawn to a particular video (Protest against Abdulrahaman Abdulrasak's candidature) flying on social media.

We want the general public to know that this particular video flying on social media was an edited version of the video, laced with other materials (not our own) and it was maliciously used to satisfy the cravings of the sponsor and not ours (KwaraReporters).

The original video made by our medium was about a protest staged when results were delayed in the announcement of the APC  Gubernatorial Primaries and others. And anyone who want to confirm the authentic video should click on this link:

We want to make it known to the public that this medium ( TV) know nothing about this particular video.

Those behind this devilish act should desist from tagging or attributing our medium with their act because we are not a political organization and we are only a watch dog, between the government and the good people of kwara.


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