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Why Kayode Oyin-Zubair Is In The Race? By Olawale James Gbadeyan

Our brother and co-worker, Kayode Oyin-Zubair started out his political career in 2008, as the pioneer secretary of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) in Igbaja ward 1. Apart from the fact that he met politics and community service at home, he has taken it to the next level.

While he was busy racking his head and later through consultations on what are the problems retarding our growth in the state, he discovered that, the people have not shown alternatives to the ruling class. It is a truism that, we can't be doing things the same way, and expect a different result.

Among several alternatives that he thought must be considered and executed is the water intervention programme he started few years back. He didn't discriminate in its execution, he touched the north, south and central.

Moreso, during his deep and extensive consultations, Kayode Oyin-Zubair discovered that, not many people were interested in community development service any longer. His first campaign was to reawaken the sleeping giants. Recall that most of the developments in the southern senatorial district were done through self help. He placed a jingle in the name of his NGO, Goal-Getters Initiative on Harmony fm 103.5 running for almost a year,  with the message of returning to the good old days.

He reminded us that Okin Biscuits, Offa; Demosco Toilet Paper, Erin-Ile; Kadico Rubber Industries, Igbaja; and Wrist Watch Assembly Co., Buhari and others were efforts by indigenes to boost economic activities in their areas.

Kayode Oyin-Zubair also reminded us that several other projects like Agbamu road, Ajenipa road (Sanmora), Oro township electrification project and other social amenities in our various communities were achieved through self help. How do we return to a time, when one cares for all and all for one?

It is against this backdrop, that the highly resourceful Kayode Oyin-Zubair reached to individuals to collaborate on providing support for the water project. The water intervention project achieved more succeses such as providing, a rallying point for development, empowering young men through training, reducing money spent in hospitals because of water borne diseases and exposing contributors to blessings from the Almighty God through their donations. It is an open secret that, the succour provided for the people of Ajisaiye village that had hitherto being struggling with cattle to get water through donors from all over the world can only be compensated by God.

Why House of Assembly, and not House of Reps again?

Our friend and servant of the people, Kayode Oyin-Zubair having stayed long in politics and understanding its intrigues discovered that the dynamics may not favor the higher office. While he was still talking and explaining issues to us, we insisted he must be part of the next government, so as to provide face for the downtrodden. He knows where the shoe pinches. The current reality during our own independent investigation shows, that he fits into the House of Assembly as a member that will represent Omupo constituency but will be the face of the common man in Kwara State. We purchased his nomination forms!

Why Igbaja again?

Politics like many other human endeavors is not free from agitation and emotional attachment, so we learnt Igbaja where he hails from, currently produce the member representing his constituency.

Our joy is that Kayode Oyin-Zubair is not found wanting in character, competency and integrity. We therefore, conducted our own research round the whole of Ifelodun local government area which is his origin.

Every village in that local government area depicts neglect, lack of infrastructure and depreciation in human value owing to the inability of their past representatives to Marshall private and corporate resources for growth. And we asked ourselves, "What special advantage has those representatives that occupied offices in the past confered on their immediate communities?" We couldn't found them.

Kayode Oyin-Zubair is the only politician before now, that dug a borehole in Igbaja, repaired boreholes through partnership in Ora, Ajegunle, Elerinjare and Idofian. And attracted household appliances and light system powered solar system to Ogele village in Igbaja district. He is currently working on a cottage industry and fibre processing plant that will engage farmers and provide market for women. The same initiative will improve women and girls personal hygiene, even while making money.

Virtually all the districts making up his constituency had had representatives in government in the past, including members of the State Assembly.

Again, unlike some local government areas in the southern senatorial district that have convention or principle for rotation of political office neither Share/Oke-Ode nor Omupo constituency had one. Without boring you with history, let us fast forward to 2011, Hon. Moshood Bakare (Igbaja), Kayode Oyin-Zubair (Igbaja) and Lawyer Abdulganiyu Salahudeen met at the polls, where Bakare emerged. In 2015, it was between Hon. Bakare for a second term after ACN and others merged and Elder Henry Olatunde (Ora), as the PDP candidate. Why Olatunde withdrew 24 hours to the election is still a mystery? We considered that as a disservice to his people and community until it is explained.

In all, when Lawyer Odele from Idofian represented Omupo constituency, it was not by rotation but a freely contested election. When Hon. El-Iman was in office, it was freely contested by all. When Hon. Ademola represented that constituency, it was freely contested.

We may not need to bother you with what is obtainable in Share /Oke-Ode axis.

However, power rotation may not be bad as a principle but it must have a history and freely agreed to. It can not also replace constitutional rights, competence, service and diligence.

What are the short and long benefits from Kayode Oyin-Zubair Candidcay?

Latching on his wider network and deep knowledge of his people's needs, Kayode Oyin-Zubair will immediately engage our local farmers in a profitable venture that will give them reward for their labour of the past.

We have a plan to immediately engage the teaming youths by appraising their individual needs through a functional KOZ friendly center in all wards of the constituency.

This same center will serve as a contact for all his interventions that have sufficiently captured the women and their children. Our health awareness campaign will assume a new dimension. The economic advancement program will come in many ways in an attempt to achieve an all round development.

As you may know, he has worked assiduously for the development of the party, he was available even, when his life was threatened confronting the oligarchists and he is still serving the party.

He will not abandon his people when in office, he will speak with them and push their thoughts forward.

We ask for your support for this resourceful, energetic and multi talented young man. Thank you for your time.

Olawale James Gbadeyan is the Project Manager, Fresh Breath (Igbeayerere Kwara) and KOZ 2019 Project

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