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May Sango be praised. Again, May Lakaaye be exalted. He who ever witness the strike of Sango will never denigrate the person of Obakoso.

Put more succinctly, whoever was a witness to Pre- 2015  PDP Gubernatorial Primaries in Kwara State, he /she dare not make meat of such historical mess, such intra- party political harakiri unmanned and uncurtained till it snowballed to an inferno of discord and disunity that late last-minute waters of peace couldn't quench, messing a cause that could have granted Kwarans  much desired political liberation from the dirty, soiled hands of Jengbojenju, the  herder herding the state to what I call a point of no return.

I know by now those scenes must have started trickling and rushing back to memories of the politically discerning minds with jolting punches of awareness and consciousness into reality of another noticeable but unassumed mishap, which if care is not taken, could be another big fall in the fight to rise for freedom and progress of Kwara. And this is by imposition. Yes....political imposition by Abuja politicians!

I am afraid this is a bigger obstacle that should be outrightly tackled before such erroneous thoughts become decision. It's clear such thoughts as imposition of candidates on the people of Kwara State for political positions is a political suicide, a gross mistake for any party bidding to rebuild and revitalise Kwara State. Especially for Kwara APC, a party made of Ex PDP decampee and erstwhile foot soldiers of the dynasty now dancing to the drumming of change ( truthful or not), nothing of indirect primaries, not to talk of imposition, should be heard of for a house  still in construction stage!

The pre - primaries drama, intrigues, scheming and permutations, horse trading and power-plays can never be taken away from politics of Kwara but may perhaps, be the beauty of it. Or better put, an  ugly beauty of democracy in Nigeria. But imposition, political imposition will not thrive in Kwara State. In fact, it's surprising why APC would be thinking of going that way, a means of politics rejected by the people of Kwara State. What's Change?  What's Progress? What's Liberation for the people of Kwara State if APC Leadership in Abuja handpick, dust and brush a candidate from the capital to represent the good people of Kwara? What's the difference between Jengbojenju's form of leadership and the Abuja politician's fabled song of hope and freedom when they dictate who to govern us?

Perhaps we should both look at it, why do APC have to do anything but direct primaries? Were they not the ones telling us on radio that they meant to give the people who they wish for? Can an indirect primaries, that is better describe as, a belligerent, faulty, despicable selection process of fake, unpopular and often incompetent candidate with bags of money, reflect the wish of majority?

OK..... Maybe, I only loathe that selection process. But tell me, why would Kwara APC not do direct primaries? Is there a certain cabal(s) they must appeal? What's change if not  APC DIRECT PRIMARIES in Kwara?

Sadly, like in 2015, mistakes like this is ever weighty, ever costly, ever expensive. I could remember when S. S Ajibola emerged as the flag bearer of the opposition party, PDP in Kwara State 2015, how the Man-boy Megida and the Big boss had a feast, a big party at Orient Resorts in GRA Ilorin, in celebration of a predetermined victory, due to the  fatal mistake of the "freedom fighters '' by impolitically fielding the weakest of aspirant!  To them, rooted Kwara politicians, they knew that was a big fall in the fight to rise!

What's perhaps most foolhardy, preposterous and unforgiving ever is APC about to take a worst step. What is mysterious is why APC wouldn't learn from such a mistake. I repeat, the reason Saraki is not unveiling his joker yet is because he awaits such fatal mistake again by his adversaries, and as he must have envisaged, that could only be imposition or indirect primaries. I am afraid the moment it became a reality that APC listens to a google- eyed, double- faced state leader and impose one of their known, old-time good boys on Kwarans, the fight might have just been lost, the contest over when it's never began. Tell me, how do you retain other aspirants who would be discarded for another Man-boy of Lagos/ Abuja father? What moral locus would you claim as basis for CHANGE and PROGRESS in Kwara State?

If Kwara APC won't talk at this stage whether they would do direct primaries or indirect,  I make bold to say that silence may lend credence to the assertions that they could go gung-ho on us. That ironically, Kwara's perceived saviours may not be what will call them anyways, they may just be oppressors in polished robes.

But then, since a blunt cutlass do not bear the brunt as the wielder, let's see how peace will reign in a house  you bring an unknown to be the head. We should see whether the known faces would sleep lying down! We should see how the home retain unity and bliss in brotherhood .

Anything but direct primaries is a scam, a farce, a ruse, deception, betrayal and insubordination, a disloyalty, a disservice to the the good people of Kwara to choose who they want to govern them.

Anything less, is a big fall in the fight to rise, it may be hard to heal the wounds.

Ibraheem Abdullateef

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