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Letter To Lukman Mustapha By Kwara Must Change

Dear Lukman Mustapha, answer the questions and they will go away

7 months ago, precisely on 14 February 2018, Kwara Must Change, through our president, Abdulrazaq O Hamzat presented to Alhaji Lukman Mustapaha, a set of 10 questions he must be willing to respond to genuinely, if indeed he should be taken serious as a member of the freedom squad, who is vying for the number one position in Kwara State.

We made it clear to the Chairman of Sobi F.M that the matter of running for office or not is not the issue, until certain questions that will continue to linger are addressed.

Kwara Must Change then gave him the opportunity to address those questions by sending him a questionnaire, containing 10 questions begging for answers.

However, 7 months later, those questions are yet to be responded to and returned to us, probably due to his tight schedule as a bank executive.

In recent time, we have seen how the governorship aspirant has been battling to free himself from the clog on his neck due to some of those issues, to the extent of invoking emotions to explain issues requiring sincere engagement.

Kwara Must Change is of the view that, those issues will never go away no matter how much emotion is invoked.

For Lukman Mustapha to be taken seriously and considered a genuine aspirant, he must be bold enough to face the matter head on and genuinely answer those questions.

For the purpose of posterity, Kwara Must Change shall provide some of the questions as already presented to Alhaji Mustapha 7 months ago, hoping that he may find time to genuinely and sincerely respond to them once and for all now.

Should he require our service to further disseminate and circulate his responses, we shall be willing to do so.


1. In 1991, you worked at Society General Bank, a bank owned by Olusola Saraki, which was the same period Bukola Saraki worked in the bank as a director. What relationship existed between you and Bukola Saraki at the time?

2. You started working at FCMB in 2001 and during Bukola Saaki’s time as Kwara State governor, you helped Kwara State government under Bukola Saraki to facilitate some deals from FCMB around 2006, which gives an impression that you are still in a kind of business relationship with Bukola Saraki after leaving Society General. We would like you to inform the public, what kind of relationship existed between both of you as at 2006 and even today.

3. It has been rumored that Sobi FM was an initiative of Bukola Saraki and that you are merely fronting for him as a chairman of the Community Radio Station. It was also claimed that the S.A to Governor Ahmed, Muyideen Akorede, who is the sole administrator of State owned radio was the chairman at the launch of your station. While you have repeatedly said that this is not true, we think you should give more insight into how you come about founding the station and the relationship with the state government.

4. Your brother, Mashood Mustapha is a long term ally of Bukola Saraki. He was a Commissioner under Bukola, a Federal House of Representative member and a Special Adviser to Bukola even as a Senate President. How does this relationship does influence your engagement with the Senate President?

5. By your profile, you seem not to have been involved in any active politics in the past. When did you decide to join active politics and why?

6. Since you are close to people in government and have had some kind of business engagement with them, why do you choose to run for office from an opposition political platform, rather than the ruling dynasty?

7. As a first time participant in Kwara politics, why do you choose to run for governor, not senate or even federal house of representative, teaming up with others who may have been building momentum over time to get to this level?

8. By the virtue of your job at Society general bank in 1991, with your family relations with Moshood Mustapha who is seen as an ally of Bukola Saraki (erstwhile) and your perceived business engagement with Bukola Saraki’s led government in 2006, can you convince us that your political ambition is not in any way connected to Saraki.

These are honest questions without any malicious intention

Kindly note that, Kwara Must Change understands that Lukman Mustapha is a good man and his radio station, Sobi FM is a progressive initiative that is opening the media space and echoing the voice of the community.

We are therefore willing to listen and give you listening hear whenever you deemed it fit to speak on these matters and we shall be available, should you desire to engage us further.

Kwara Must Change

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