Agbaji/Ajikobi PDP Youths Drum Support For Saraki Presidential Bid

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Being The  Text Of A Press Conference Addressed By The People Of Agbaji/ Ajikobi Zone In Ilorin On Saturday 1st September, 2018

Gentlemen of the press

Our attention has been drawn to the rantings of a nonentity, one Omar Yusuf Ayelabegan who claimed in a statement that the people of Ajikobi/Agbaji zone of kwara central had withdrew their supports for the Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki.

We would have ignored the so-called Ayelabegan, so as not to populated his warped opinions about the leadership style of the achiever Senate President Bukola Saraki, but the need to put record straight necessitated this rejoinder.

To start with, Omar Yusuf Ayelabegan is not a force to be reckoned with, either as a politician or community leader in Agbaji/ Ajikobi zone of Ilorin West local government area in Kwara Central senatorial district. Therefore, he lacks the pedigree to speak for or on behalf of the learned and well respected people of Agbaji/ Ajikobi zone. He was at best doing the bidding of his paymasters who have tried in vain to unseat the best Senate President Nigeria had ever produced.

While we, the authentic representatives of Agbaji/ Ajikobi community want to put a lie to all the claims of Ayelabegan in his statement, we make bold to say that Saraki's leadership of our  the state had brought relief to the greatest number of the people of Kwara state.

Saraki's records of achievements as two- term governor of the state are too physical on the ground even for a blind to see or feel.  The new modern status of Ilorin, the state capital is to Saraki's credit. It was during Saraki's administration as governor that the first ever flyover was constructed in Ilorin. Other notable achievements of Saraki as governor of the state include the establishment of Kwara State University, Malete, Ilorin International Aviation College, Ilorin Metropolitan Square, Harmony Diagnostic Centre and the remodeling of Ilorin township stadium to international standard.

Saraki' s administration also kick started the construction of the International Vocational Technology College (IVTEC), Ajase- Ipo which was completed by the incumbent administration of Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed. The Saraki's era  also brought about unprecedented infrastructure development across the nooks and crannies of the state.   Failed roads in parts of the state were rehabilitated while new ones were constructed. Indeed, Ilorin as the state capital was the largest beneficiaries of Saraki's administration's road project as virtually all the link roads in Ilorin township, including the ones in Agbaji/ Ajikobi zone were constructed, asphalt laid with concrete drainage systems.

All the aforementioned projects had very positive effects on the socio- economic development of the state  as well being of the people of the state.

And as the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki, as a true son of the soil and purposeful leader, has used his good offices to attract monumental infrastructure projects to the state. The ongoing construction of the Federal Medical Centre at Foma/  Okoolowo axis of Ilorin suffice here as a good example. Not only this, our God sent leader has also executed numerous constituency projects in education and health sector as well road construction and erosion control. He has also used his vintage position to secure federal job opportunities for numerous youths in the state. This is aside from his scholarship schemes for students across secondary and tertiary education levels as well as training of the youths in skills acquisition. Currently 700 Kwara youths are undergoing training programme on installation and maintenance of solar energy at the instance of the Senate President. He has also promised to equip the training after the completion of their training.

We, therefore, want to use this forum to urge members of the public to disregard the incoherent rantings of Omar Yusuf Ayelabegan. He's not the spokesman of our community and nobody mandated him to speak on behalf of the Agbaji/ Ajikobi zone.

We also want to unequivocally declare that the entire people of Agbaji/ Ajikobi zone are solidly behind our great son, the Senate President, Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki, CON and we shall never cease supporting him. We are indeed very proud of Dr Bukola Saraki's achievements both as a former governor of Kwara state and as the President of the performing 8th Senate.

We also received the news of his declaration to run for the presidential election next year with great excitement. We have no doubt in our minds that given the chance to rule Nigeria, Saraki will deliver the good because he has all it takes to provide good leadership for the country at the presidency level.

We, therefore, urge Nigerians, irrespective of religion, ethnic and political affiliations to support our son, Saraki, to clinch the presidency come February next year so that we can achieve the country of our dream. Our experience in the past three years had shown that Nigeria really need a brilliant, energetic and youthful political leader like Saraki to move the nation forward.

Thanks and God bless.

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