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The Essence Of Eid Is To Make Everyone Happy- Imam Habeebullahi

The Chief Imam of Oko-Oba, Alhaji Muhammad Nuhu Habeebullahi has said that the essence of Eid celebration is for Muslims to make everyone around them happy.

He stated this today during his Eid sermon at Danialu Oko-Oba Community Eid Praying Ground, in Ilorin, Kwara State.

According to him, it's a compulsory sunnah on a Muslim who can afford ram to slaughter one on Eid day as it's the most rewarding Ibadat.

The Chief Imam reminded the Muslim faithful that their good intentions and fear of Allah are what Allah need from them during this festivity.

Imam Habeebullahi stressed that Sallah meats are to be shared among family, neighbours and the needy, adding that it's encouraged that muslims slaughter their rams by themselves.

He said that whoever that cannot slaughter Sallah ram by himself can ask another person to assist him do it, while such person monitor the process as it's  recommended by the Prophet's tradition.

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