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Save Kwara March: A Welcome Development -Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun

Kwara South Senatorial hopeful, Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun has expressed his solidarity and support for the campaign against the ridiculed represention and  bad governance in Kwara State.

He stated this while reacting to the Save Kwara March; a protest against the over 15 years of underdevelopment of the state due to lack of probity by the current administration in Kwara State.

In his reaction, the Esie-born Aerospace Engineer said,  "You will agree with me that recent spate of violence in the state signals that people are fed up with and rejects bad governance of the last 15 yrs.

This is the beginning of new consciousness to change the reigning culture of bad governance and lack of transparency in government in Kwara state. "

He further called for cooperation of all progressive elements in the State to establish a common front to dislodge the current anti-developmental governance in the state. In his words,  "I think is time for all and sundry, to be truthfully committed to changing for the better the current state of bad governance in this State.

This is because we must build a sustainable system that will guarantee social security, education, and health care for our children in contrast to the current anti-people agenda of the current government in the State ".

He therefore appreciated the organisers of the protest for the courage to fight for our common good.

He said "the people especially the organisers of the protest have made history as advocates of the masses. I believe other like minds will join hands in the reformation of the state."

He however urged everyone in the State especially, Kwara South, to register for their PVC before August 17 so as to be part of the decision making in 2019.

Let us all be part of the process to bring about permanent change that will lead to progress in our great state.

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