Presidency Declaration: You Don’t Have Our Support, Kwara Youths Tell Saraki

A youth-based socio-political group, Kwarans Act Now (KAN) has urged Nigerians to ignore the presidential interest of Senate President Bukola Saraki.

The KAN said this in a press statement by its Coordinator, Alaga Maruf and Publicity Secretary, Sodiq Adekunle on Thursday.

The statement warned Nigerians on the dangers of allowing someone like Bukola Saraki to clinch the position of a president.

According to the statement, one of the worst things that can happen to Nigeria is to allow Bukola Saraki emerge as the president of the country.

The six paragraphs statement read: “We received the news of the intention of Senator Bukola Saraki to contest for presidency with a rude shock.

“We do not only consider this as underserving, but also an embarrassment and show of shame.

“While we are supposed to support him, we are full of regrets of the bad legacies, sufferings and hardship that he unleashed on us when he was the Governor and  even as a Senator.

“We are determined to ensure that Saraki does not return to the Senate if he comes to seek our votes in 2019 election and our position has not changed.

“We are not only tired of dynasty rulership, but very angry at his poor leadership skill cum over-ambition.

“We warn Nigerians to be careful of this dangerous move that is capable of wrecking the progress of the country. We are in a better position to tell if he is good or not, but we stand firm to say that politicians like Saraki and a few others should be eradicated in Nigeria’s politics.”

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  1. Some of us who know the SP very well warned the APC not to allow him remain as the Senate President. Now we have been vindicated. This was someone who held Kwara by the jugular and milked it dry. Ask any Kwaran to tell you what remains as the property of Kwara.Nothing! Nothing and I say Nothing.They have either being sold or acquired by Bukola or his non- indigene boys.


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