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Kwara State, The Burden Of Sacrifice And The Tinubu's Example By Femi Ogunshola

The number of aspirants jostling for the soul of the All Progressives Congress (APC) ticket in Kwara State is getting interesting and at the same time repellent. Those with privileged background to flaunt are already catching in and out with campaign posters, leveraging on the goodwill of their parents to try their luck in the election that will (Yes will) retire the political career of the scion of the king's dynasty.

The son of the man who tried albeit unsuccessfully to retire Baba Oloye in 2003, late Ahmed Lawal is back on the field to complete the aborted project of his father, the late former Justice Mustapha Akanbi, the pioneer ICPC chairman's son is also in the race, Muhammed AKA MM, Yaman among others are all in the field campaigning to wrestle power from the Kwara lord's of the manor.

The probability of APC taking over Kwara is almost certain; the party stands a greater chance with cohesion and sacrifice from stakeholders. Kwara under Saraki is a work in retrogression; the people have no chance with good governance under his leadership.

For the APC, it is rotationally fair and just for the people of Kwara North to produce the next Governor since Kwara South and Kwara Central have had and still having their share, but what is fair and just in politics may not be politically correct considering the fact that the aim of every political party is to win election and the man they are wrestling with his a strategist who will not rest on his oars or sit akimbo watching the dynasty crumbling like a pack of card

But the question now is, will the array of APC aspirants be magnanimous enough to make sacrifices in order not to scuttle the chances of the party? Can they form a united front? Will they not allow personal ambition to ruin the chances of APC? These and many more are the questions begging for answer

This is where Alhaji Lai Muhammed, the Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism must be commended for his earlier statement not to vie for any elective position. The minster is today the leader of the party in the state; he holds the highest political office in APC in the state. He has shown leadership by sacrifice, it shows he knows his people are desirous of real change and no hurdle cum personal ambition should be erected on their way to freedom, posterity will judge him rightly.

"I can’t be fighting for the same thing they are looking for, therefore, if I have an intention of contesting for any position, the circumstances of today have completely ruled me out because if I am today expected to coordinate and rebuild the party in Kwara state, I do not need to be distracted and unqualified for such a role if I am also seeking to run, I have to disqualify myself,” he stated.

Now let me recall a story Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu told us few days ago in his Abuja Maitama home.

“In 2007 I jettisoned my senatorial ambition to fight an enemy in former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who was hell bent taking over Lagos State for the PDP.

"Not many of you knew I had obtained, filled and submitted a form for a Senatorial seat in Lagos state with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

"But then as the leader of the party seeking to win the governorship seat and my senatorial seat, I had a deep seated reflection and came to realise that I may lose focus and Obasanjo will confront me on both sides to unseat our party in Lagos

“I thought to myself, Obasanjo will fight me and I won't stay focus on winning the governorship election because my ambition is also at stake giving how desperate he wanted to win Lagos state.

"I called Ganiyu Solomon and asked him to follow me to somewhere, he didn't know where we were going, then we got to INEC office and I asked INEC to return my form and issue a new one.

“I gave the new form to Gani, he asked me for what sir and I told him to fill the form and he did.

"Then I was able to stay focus and strategise how my party will win the election, we won the governorship election and Gani also became a senator.

“It was the party elders in Lagos who came to me as said; now that you have sacrificed your ambition for the sake of the party, please give us Oluremi.

"I said No, but unknown to me they had obtained the Senatorial form for her and filled it, that was how she became a Senator.

This is what staying focus can achieve.

Even God had to devise a means to stop men when he discovered they were united, focus, resolute and unanimous in their quest to reach him by building the tower of Babel.

With focus, unity, determination and sacrifice Kwara shall be free from the grip of Saraki.

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