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I Can't Do With Saraki, Reason I Decamp To APC -Adeyemi

Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun has made his reason for leaving Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)  known to the public in a press statement.

Here is the press release;

After much wide consultations with family, friends, and many great people of Kwara South, Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun and the ENACT team have reached a consensus decision to move to the All Progressive Congress (APC) political party of Nigeria.  Engr. Nurudeen Balogun Adeyemi expressed that this is indeed a great day for Kwara.  While it is always tough to start all over again in many situations, the current state of things in Kwara have allowed for the progressive-minded people previously in PDP to be able to combine forces with the true progressives in APC.  This means that Kwara opposition has indeed been made stronger and in good stead going forward.  Many have given their assurances that a rancour-free APC where all will be focus on dislodging the Saraki structure from Kwara politics forever and bring a new dawn of good governance to the deserving people of Kwara is here to stay.

The decision by National PDP to accommodate the Senate President Saraki and Governor Ahmed Fatah and their other co-travelers into PDP at the detriment of the many great people that have been working tirelessly to rebuild the party since 2014 when the party was left for dead by these same group was a worrisome situation and makes the party platform a tough sell going forward to the good people of Kwara.  While some in Kwara may claim that Kwara is working for them, an overwhelming majority of Kwarans would disagree.  Many progressive minded people and indeed others with love and care for Kwara can see that Kwara’s pace of development lags behind states of similar size and resources.  The status quo in control of Kwara State commonwealth and resources for the last 16 years or so and their performance can be termed as an absolute failure to date.  This is why we are working tirelessly to remove the veil of darkness hanging over Kwara due to the chokehold put on Kwara by the current administration of continuity government.  Let us explore issues, shall we?

On the issue of security, the various factors that led to: the massacre during Offa Robbery incident; incessant robbery attacks and shutting down of banks and commercial activities along Ajasse-Ipo, Oro, and Omu-Aran; and the growing rise and menace of cultism and political thuggery; are all still there and nothing fundamental has changed.  On the issue of Education, our students continue to learn under non-existent or dilapidated classroom structures with teachers and others facing months of salary non-payment.  Kwara State economy is not creating and providing jobs for youths and many of our University graduates are doomed to be on the unemployment line for a long time to come.  Adding to the various conditions that will continue to plague us and contribute to our insecurity physically and fiscally.

Our health sector performance is seriously lagging.  Many General Hospitals across Kwara South can best be described as nothing more than a holding tank for people waiting to die due to lack of medicines, infrastructure, and diagnostic equipment.  Our roads are in terrible shape and a critical growth engine such as agriculture has literally been abandoned.  Huge sums have been spent on water reticulation and other white elephant projects with very little or no impact on the day to day living of many Kwarans.  Simply put, Kwara is not working for many of us.  In light of these issues, the decision to not co-habit with people that brought us this bad governance became relatively an easy decision.

Ours is focused on bringing great representation, a departure from current state of affairs, to the good people of Kwara South.  We have no doubt that our teeming supporters across Kwara South will join us in this move.  We are looking forward to a new beginning.  More importantly, we are excited about the prospect of the coming new age that is about to sweep Kwara South.

Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun

ENACT Media Team

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