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PAY THE PRICE By CNSL Afolabi Adelola Mariam (Counselor Psychologist)

There is a responsibility you can never run away from ; the price of success before you.

Are you doing your best?
Are you focused?
Are you really giving it your all?

Many people do not see that they have something greater within them, the potential is within each and every human being to accomplish amazing things.

What is within the so called "greats" is within you too, do not be fooled by the great heights that they have climbed, you can also get there,

It is hard work and dedication that develops an individual’s inner strength so that he/she may attain success.

You can't be lazy and be targeting the best,
You can't just sit down, cross your legs and be expecting the best,
For any success achieved, there must be sacrifice to pay.

Always live a purpose driven life.

CNSL Afolabi Adelola Mariam 
(Counselor Psychologist)

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