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Many Youth May Not Decamp With PDP Leadership -Kwara Hope PDP Movt

A group of youth Kwara Hope PDP Movements under the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in a press release by the state coordinator of the group Comrade L.N. Omoyooba have it that according to the survey conducted by the group, many youth in PDP may not follow the party leadership to APC.

Here is the press statement:

The survey conducted by our group showed that many party youth members may not followed the leadership to the APC if certain facts can not be rooted.

1.The dissolution of the present APC state structures from the state to the wards.

2.The registrations of the new members where many party new entrant members will have equal rights with old  members to vie for the elective positions.

3.The need to ensure capable, competent and politically sound members to hold the party leadership who could not jeopardize the liberations.

4.The proper zoning arrangements with in constituencies ,senatorial and state where aspirants shall only vie for the positions with in his/her constituents.

5.The integrity of new composited executive will surely determined the readiness of members to join the struggle.

Many facts are getting clear and those sitting to map strategics for merger between APC kwara and PDP kwara Must ensure that the thorough system put in place not to derail our liberations.

Coordinator, kwara Hope PDP movements.

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