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Open Letter To Kwarapoly Management By Rasheed Mariam Titilayo

Rasheed Mariam Titilayo a Kwara State polytechnic student in an open letter posted on her facebook wall described the state of her school (Kwarapoly) as unattractive and she pleaded to the school management to rehabilitate the institution premises so it can meet up to standard. 

Check below for the open letter; 

Dear Kwara State Polytechnic Mgt, 

Seeking For A Repainting Of Our Faded Buildings

I hereby write to seek for repainting of those faded buildings in our school premises cos it's no more a good background for photo shoot or any showcase, some students don't even like to take pictures in the school premises due to the unattractive environment, sometimes we have to walk a mile before getting a nice background for our photos and as you know that some people's duty (like our friends in other higher institutions) is to make a thorough inspection on the background of our photos in order to compare ours with theirs. Even the only most beautiful and attractive building (I.B.A.S) we have has been fading as well, we need nice structure in our campus as well, only those who have made a visit to other tertiary institution can understand what am saying well, I am not saying you're not trying but just trying to sensitise the school on how people mock our great citadel by giving us all sorts of unpleasant names and as a marketing student, I was taught that the package of a product can make or mal the product no matter how quality the content is. Please help us do something about those faded buildings so that our friends can stop telling us that our school looks like an abandoned public secondary school. Please do something for it is a must, for we are blessings to Kwara State Polytechnic.

Thanks Mr. Rector.
Rasheed Mariam Titilayo




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