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Kwara Rescue Movement: Open Letter To President Buhari And Kwara APC

Kwara Rescue Movement in a press release which was attached to a letter to the Presidency and the leadership of APC, has analys the current Political situation in Kwara State and the suggested solutions.

Here is the copy of the release;


We, the undersigned, on behalf of all the members the Kwara Rescue Movement (KRM), and several other political parties and organizations members, spread across the whole length and breadth of Kwara State, do hereby collectively and jointly wish to intimate you in writing on the above subject matter that required your urgent attention. 

The Kwara Rescue Movement (KRM) and other groups, here in Kwara State are working tirelessly for the actualization of the second term bid of the present dynamic President (President Muhammed Buhari). Giving a strong support base to the Buhari Campaign organization (BCO) Kwara Chapter. In the pursuit of this our Onerous task, we have deployed all our arsenals through our field canvarsers at the grassroots to achieving this our objectives, and in the course of our sensitization, mobilization and investigation in Kwara State, we have observed the following issues on ground that requires an urgent attention Viz: 

a. That presently in Kwara State, there seems to be three sets of Kwara APC State executives, all working at cross purposes to itself, thereby making it impossible for the electorates to identify who is working for President Muhammadu Buhari except the the Kwara Rescue Movement (KRM) and the Buhari Campaign organization (BCO) Kwara chapter.

b. That the Executives of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, led by Ishola Balogun Fulani are parading themselves as the original executives of APC in Kwara State. 

c. That, presently in Kwara State, the utterances and the body languages of both the Senate President, his followers and the so called Balogun Fulani led State executive, shows that they have dumped the APC as a party, and are working against the second term bid of Mr. President.

d. That, recently the Senate President and his so-called Balogun Fulani led executive, deployed his three Senatorial chairmen in his faction of APC on a series of sensitization tours across the State, publicly telling them that the APC is dead already, urging them to defect to PDP, while he hope to hold on to APC until the last hour so as to make things difficult for President Muhammdu Buhari. This is further confirmed by the statement of Alhaji Kawu Baraje a trusted confidant of Senate President Bukola Saraki at the gathering of some political parties that signed the Coalition of United Political Party (CUPP) Movement, where the publicly apologized for their groups (NPDP) mistake of 2015, and equally thanked the PDP for accepting and having them back into PDP as a party in Coalition with CUPP. We all know the position of Alhaji Kawu Baraje in the NPDP, with which the Senate President Bukola Saraki dumped the PDP in 2015, and cordial relationship of Alh. Kawu Baraje with Senate President Bukola Saraki. These facts are already in the public domain, both in the electronics, print and social media platforms.

e. That the above fact have also being corroborated recently through a press statement by the Deputy National Publicity secretary of APC, Hon. Yekini Nabena, Challenging the Senate President and his cohorts, and accusing him of playing the role of a double agent in APC, working against President Muhammed Buhari. 

in view of all the above observations and for maximum mobilization of all Kwarans from all divides, towards the actualization of the second term bid of President Muhammed Buhari, we urge the National Executive of All Progressive Congress (APC) to urgently do the followings:-

i. Immediately dissolve all the three State executives of APC in Kwara State due to irreconcilable differences.

ii. Appoint a caretaker committee to take charge in the interim, to midwife a well accepted harmonized executive within a short time. 

iii. Direct all parties, presently in various courts on litigation to withdraw all these cases, and embrace the vision and mission of BCO and KRM of ensuring Buhari’s success in 2019. it is our strong belief and conviction in the Kwara Rescue Movement (KRM) & other groups, that if the National executive of APC addresses and attend to all these suggestions, it is expected to produce the underlisted multiplier effects viz:-

i. Encourage so many supporters of all the other political parties in Kwara State including the progressive wing of PDP in Kwara State who are already working with the KRM to fully join and integrate fully with APC, as the only political party in Kwara State to do business 

ii. Serve as a veritable weapon of a massive membership drive for the actualization of the second-term bid of President Buhari and the overall success of APC as a party without Senate President Bukola Saraki and his so called executives who have already dumped APC in Kwara State technically.

At this stage we want the National Executive and leadership of APC to note that all the attempts of Senate President Bukola Saraki and his cohorts in Kwara State to discredit the leadership of the APC and indeed the Federal Government by all his antics and double agent role in APC, is to make APC fail, and prevent President Muhammed Buhari from winning in 2019. We in KRM, and other numerous group in Kwara State, therefore want to advice that a stitch in time, saves nine. 

In conclusion, we want to solicit on the National leadership of APC and her National Executive committee, to pay a visit to Kwara State and Specially have a dialogue/meeting and subsequent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with genuine, most tested, trusted State-Men in Kwara State, who are passionate about the success of President Muhammed Buhari in 2019, urgently. This we believe is an immediate and possible solution to the present political situations created by all the antics of Senate President Bukola Saraki and all his cohorts. 

The elders that we are suggesting that you meet, are the Kwara Elders Unity Forum, who are all accomplished, trusted and tested leaders across the three Senatorial districts of Kwara State (List attached), who we have as KRM and other groups have received tremendous cooperation from so far. 

We shall be very grateful if all these are urgently attended to as soon as possible. 

Dr. Bolaji Alabi Afolabi 
Kwara North Senatorial District
Alhaji Duro Garba Salleh
Kwara Central Senatorial District
Rev’d Agbo-ola Adewumi 
Kwara South Senatorial District

1. Chief Cornelius Olatunji Adebayo
2. Alhaji Isiaka Ayinde Jimoh
3. Alhaji A. B. Yahaya
4. Senator Shehu Usman
5. Senator Idris Gunu Haliru
6. Prof. Saka Nuru
7. (RTD) General Tunde Bello
8. Alhaji Ayotunde Raji
9. Chief Phillip Adekeye
10. Barrister Titus Ashaolu (SAN)
11. Revd. J. K. Abimbola 
12. Alhaji Busari Alade 
13. Engr. S. A. Daramola 
14. Dr. Saliu Ajia

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