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Kwara PDP Ignores Secondus

The peoples Democratic Party of Nigeria (PDP)- Kwara state chapter has refused to welcome the party national chairman Prince Uche Secondus when he visited Ilorin yesterday. Secondus came visiting Ilorin with other party members to sympathise with Kawu Baraje on the demise of his late mother.

According to a source (A PDP member, name withheld) who spoke with "Truly we are aware of the fact that the party National leader is coming, but the purpose of his visit has nothing to do with the party”.

The source further said that “We were told from Abuja to welcome him at the airport but we refused to summon party members bacause his coming is of no importance to the party. Secondus came to Kwara is for Kawu's mother's burial and not for PDP, so I believe our action is justified"

The source again explained that if Secondus wants to visit Ilorin and he wants the party to welcome him, he knows the right way and procedures to follow since the party has rules and laws that guide it. The Source left angrily, nearly damaging our microphone.

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