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JUSTIN: Saraki Loyalists Are Deploying Character Assassination To Wriggle Support in Offa

Following the decision of Offa indigenes and members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Offa local government area of the state to do away with anything connected with the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, his lackeys and side kicks have resulted to maligning characters of his perceived enemies within the party and Offa town.

We gathered authoritatively, that he has deployed some individuals to make use of the social media to bring down some notable sons and daughters of Offa, including a serving member of the Kwara State House of Assembly.

The trouble to frontaly attack the the honourable member started when he openly disagreed with the Saraki and his style of politics based on the decision of bona-fide Offa indigenes who had decided to away with Saraki's style while they continue with the progressive politics, the people of Offa are known for.

According to sources, a number of dossiers were considered, including using a dud cheque scandal and subsequently suspend him from the house.

The dud cheque frame up was only published by Saraki's local news tabloid -National Pilot which was later found to be untrue.

This medium investigations revealed that, the lawmaker had only used the posted cheque leaves to serve a mortage-financed project, which requires his future salaries as collateral. When there was default arising from delay in salary payment, the honorable member opted to clear the debt once and for all.

According to sources close to him, "there is no issue of dud cheque anywhere, those flying the falsehood are those threatened by his popularity and acceptability amongst the good people of Offa local government area.

"We challenge them to give evidence of non payment or commitment to the company that provided the initial mortgage service. This innuendo can not fly". He boasted.

We further gathered that during the recuperating period of the lawmaker in his home in Lagos, Saraki through a serving senator spoke with the lawmaker on phone and promised to make N2m available to him to clear medical commitments.

FactsCheck.Com gathered that, the way the meeting to be held in Lagos was arranged was to have the lawmaker posed with Saraki in a photograph to be released to the social media.

The lawmaker according to impeccable source declined those offers handed him by the senator. The development irked Saraki and his followers which accounted for the many lies now in circulation on social media.

The source threatened to release the audio of the conversation, should the "agents of darkness" continue the character assassination.

On the recent thank you visit by the honorable to the people of Offa, after he returned from hospital, our findings revealed that he made physical cash donations in every ward he visited.

The sources, discovered during random interview that the popularity of Saraki and his lackeys has seriously waned in Offa following his alleged connection with the heartless robbers that massacred 33 innocent lives including pregnant women and police officers, in a well coordinated bank robbery.

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