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The People's Democratic Party (PDP) Ilorin West local government chapter in a press statement signed and delivered by the party Chairman Comrade Abubakar Suleiman in a press conference organized by the members of the party has rejected the coming back of the Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki.

The press statement details are as follows;



Distinguished leaders and members of our great party PDP, gentlemen of the press, distinguished ladies and gentlemen. It gives me a great pleasure to address you this morning at no other place but at Ilorin West PDP Party Secretariat.

Let me just go on history of PDP in Kwara State because as politicians we are all students of history. In 1998 when PDP was founded neither Late Baba Saraki nor Bukola Saraki now Senator Bukola Saraki, was a member of this great party. In 1999 Kwara PDP won many State House of Assembly and Federal House of Representatives though we lost the governances seat with narrow margin to APP. Late Baba Saraki never won Kwara Election 100%.

In 2002 when there was a serious fight between the then Governor of Kwara State Late Muhammad Alabi Lawal and Late Baba Saraki, we all know the story as Late Baba Saraki had to call for help from our great party PDP to rescue him from  Governor Lawal and ANPP. Former President Olusegun  Obasanjo and our party PDP rescued and accepted Late Baba Saraki and  the present Senate President into our party but eventually they took over the party through Kangaroo executive and Magomago Governorship primaries. We all know the story too. Saraki families benefit immensely from our party PDP from 2003 to 2013. They devastated the party and eventually left the party to APC. On this note, Ladies & Gentlemen I want to tell the whole world and the leadership of our great party under the leadership of prince Uche Secondus that without Senator Bukola Saraki, Gbemisola Saraki, Alh. Kawu Baraje and Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed Kwara PDP can win 100% of our general election come 2019. As a student of history, we all know what happened in November 18th 2017 during the Kwara State Local Government Election; The election that was conducted by the outgoing Governor Fatai Ahmed and Senator Bukola Saraki supervised by Dr. Usman Ajidagba the KWASIEC Chairman, all commissioners and  Local Government caretaker committees.

They couldn’t win or defeat our party PDP in a free and fair contest but APC led by Senator Bukola Saraki subverted all the rules of the contest. The party in government could not win Local Government elections despite all the incumbency power and illegality perpetrated by them. Let me just give you an official result as released by KWASIEC in the ward of Senator Bukola Saraki (Ajikobi ward) where PDP won with 3,220 as against his party (APC) that scored only 3,180 votes. APC and indeed were not only degraded in Kwara State, they were also tactically defeated by the masses. And that is why, when it was rumored that unless and until Senator Bukola Saraki and Governor Abdulfatai Ahmed cross to PDP, PDP cannot win and deliver the state, we the present leader of the PDP in the state see this statement as travesty. 

My fellow PDP members, my leaders, are we going to fold our arms until this consistently consistent destroyer destroys what we have laboured so much to rebuild?  The answer is NO.  Are we going to abandon all our efforts, sacrifices and investment in PDP because of Senator Bukola Saraki? The answer is NO. Are we going to allow this born political nomad to eject us out of the political party we laboriously built? The answer is NO. If the answers to all the above questions are in negatives, the earlier we take a proactive measure to defend what we have all laboured to build from being destroyed by a serial destroyer the better.

Gentle men of the press, In Kwara State, we are fighting a cause. There is no other state in the federation of Nigeria like Kwara State especially in terms of misuse of power. This is a state of one man dominated democracy, a state of one man antics, a state where government is the government of one men by one man  and for one man  as against government of the people by the people and for the people. This is a state where development is in abeyance and the development of one man is equal to the development of the state, this is a state where yesterday is  infact better than today, this is a state of dictatorship and this is a state where youth has no future under the leadership of  present government.

Our struggle as an opposition party is not just ordinary, we are fighting for the emancipation of the down throdded, the poor, the youth and the oppressed   when you see us fighting we are fighting oppressor and therefore we are fighting a cause in Kwara State. We are talking of freedom and liberation of our people the present is taking us for a ride for too long. We are not docile. It is now clear to us that our salvation cannot come from the east, west, north or south but freedom and liberation can only come from within the people being oppressed.

Finally, we the members of this great party (PDP) in Kwara State do not require the service of Senator Bukola Saraki, we are even desirous of him becoming our member. My elders, members of this great party (PDP), gentlemen of the press, distinguished ladies and gentlemen let me end by assuring you all and the National executives of our great party that by the grace of Almighty Allah come 2019, we shall win landslide and deliver the state to PDP without the influence or assistance of Senator Bukola Saraki and his co-horts. We have done it before during the November 17th 2017 local government election and we will do it again Insha’Allah.
Thanks and God Bless.


Comrade Abubakar Sulaiman
Chairman Ilorin west PDP

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