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Ekiti Election: NBC Cautions Broadcasters On Coverage

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), has warned all Broadcasting Houses on the coverage and reportage of the Ekiti State Governorship election coming up on Saturday, 14th July. 

The Director General of the commission, Ishaq Modibo Kawu in a statement on Tuesday urged all broadcast stations to do their work in conformity with the NBC code. 

The statement reads: “The NBC wishes to remind all broadcasting stations who will be reporting the Ekiti State Governorship elections to do so in conformity with the provisions of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code, especially the provisions relating to coverage of elections."

The commission drew the attention of broadcasters to the sections of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code including; Section 5.2.12: which states that; "All partisan political broadcasts, campaigns, jingles, announcements and the use of all forms of partisan political party identifications or symbols on air shall end not later than twenty-four hours before polling day."

Also, Section 5.2.14 which states that; "A broadcaster shall not use any vote obtained at different polling stations or from exit polls to project or speculate on the chances of the candidates" and Section 5.2.15; asserting that; "A broadcaster shall broadcast election results or declaration of the winner only as announced by the authorized electoral officer for the election". 

The Commission while reminding all broadcast stations by this release that they have a duty to promote sustainable democracy in Nigeria, also warn that appropriate sanctions would be meted out to any erring station that operates outside the confines of the Code in accordance with section 14.0.1 which states that: "The Commission shall impose sanctions for any breach arising from monitoring and all complaints received on the content or conduct of a broadcast station." 

The Commission therefore reiterate that, “broadcast organizations are expected to exercise freedom of expression as agents of society, not for any personal or sectional rights, privileges and needs of their own or of their proprietors, relatives, or supporters as highlighted in the Nigeria Broadcasting Code”.


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