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Yaman Peace Frontier (YPF) Inauguration Speech By Olawale James Gbadeyan

Speech delivered by Olawale James Gbadeyan at the inauguration of Yaman Peace Frontier (YPF), special prayer for the reign of peace in Kwara State , God's guidance for President Muhammadu Buhari and Alhaji Shuaib Yaman Abdullahi.

Let me start by appreciating the Almighty God for the gift of today and His cover over our lives.

It is my pleasure to welcome you here as major stakeholders in the Kwara project; all of you here at one time or the other have contributed significantly to the growth of the state.

We can't afford to abandon the ship now. There are too many forces working to wreck the ship. Kwara must not fall!

It is important to let you know that, this is another time in our journey as a state that your sacrifice will be required more than ever. We will require your contribution to maintain our name, as a peaceful state. We must maintain our name as a state free from criminal activities and its tendencies. We must be returned to our place of pride in the comity of states.

This meeting is aimed at opening a campaign/advocacy that will permeate to the grassroots on the need for our people to be security conscious and be at alert at all times.

Events of the recent time have shown, that we are sitting on gun powder. We may not know yet the real number of criminals in our midst until we engage ourselves and do the policing ourselves.

Let me charge you and every peace loving and hardworking Kwara, that this macedionian message has become so imperative that it must not be ignored.

We will carry this message to your doorstep for effective delivery and collaboration to rid our state of unclean  characters.

Meanwhile, this project will run in the name of a Kwaran whose love for the state is super. His determination to lift her socio-economic and political status is equally unrivaled.

That humble and diligent man is Alhaji Shuaib Yaman Abdullahi. The project will leverage on his peaceful disposition and flair for hard work in the new campaign for socio, economic and political recovery of our dear state.

Please open your doors to us when we call on you. Kwara shall be great again.

Olawale James Gbadeyan


Yaman Peace Frontier (YPF),
Kwara State.

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