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It was Maria Isabel Aldinhas Ferreira who wrote on the role played by the ‘street’ as the ultimate locus of political expression and interaction when political institutions fail to respond to the community’s incorporated beliefs and deep expectations.

The emphasis in this thought is on the shift of the ‘locus’ from the ‘cabinet room’ to the ‘street’, when cabinet room outcomes no longer have positive impacts on the common man, when policy statements become attempts to placate the citizens than a move to serve them, when propaganda becomes the hallmark by colour-coating system failures, and when share greed takes the order of the day at the cabinet room resulting in excruciating pains inflicted on the citizenry.

What is the street? It is the arena, a place of the electorate, where matters of the state come under the lenses and intense and vexatious scrutiny of the common man.

It is no longer a gainsay that those who govern kwara State today have failed woefully having presided over a colossal wastage of the state’s common patrimony for more than a decade and a half, and with close to a trillion naira spent without transparency and accountability and without anything to show forth in growth and development. The leadership’s penchant for insensitivity to the needs of the citizenry has led to open cry on the street, and in Kwara State of today, there is a daily fragmentation of family fabrics, stemming from prevalence of thick aura of poverty, and cultural delinquency, thanks to the failed system orchestrated by the outgoing government and party.

The usual integrity, etiquette and meritocracy that are customary to political leadership and the seat of power in the state are totally missing, and the age-long Pride of kwara is long foregone on the platter of mediocrity. The seat of power has been desecrated and what we have in its place is a total shamble, where cultists and political touts share bounties of political offices and in other instances, out rightly occupy the seat of power.

Thanks to democracy, time is again approaching for Kwarans to select new leadership as a constitutionally obligation, and two critical issues are again occupying the front burner. One is, Shall the faith of a people be once again subjected to the will of one man who appoints cronies into offices from among his ‘yes men’ through stolen mandates? Secondly, will the system failure that has pervaded Kwara State’s socio-economic space be allowed to continue?

These have become critical matters of concern across the state among those whose voices can be heard, and those whose opinions must remain silent for reasons of concerns for personal safety and need to avoid calling for the wrath of the government on the constituencies which those voices represent. And thus, a myriad of opinions has thrived persistently on the streets, and the opinions have reinforced over a decade and half into a thick cloud of expectations filled with anxieties. 2019 therefore offers the much awaited time for the common man on the street to deploy the PVC by issuing a red card to halt the much celebrated slogans like ‘Continuity’ or ‘Change’. Indeed What Kwara State earnestly desire is a rain of blessing on kwara State in 2019 with a flash flood of victory to wash away every semblance of blemish and the stench in the political space?

The common opinion on the street of kwara state and beyond is that Kwara state cannot afford to again miss this golden opportunity to make a riddance to existing rubbish, and make a giant stride to make up for the wasted years.

The ‘Street’ is however worried at the calibre of those presenting themselves for office. Alas, they are the ‘old faithfuls’, the ‘yes men’ that the ‘street’ already knows like the palm of the arm. They are the same cronies of the cabal that destroyed our common patrimony.

Looking left, right and centre, these ‘old faithfuls’ have once again spread a drag net around the people and are ready to make a catch for another four years of slavery. Their stealth war chest ensures that if the people of kwara go to the left, they are caught in the dragnet, and if they go to the right, they are also cut in the dragnet.

Theirs is a political sophistry that ensures that the people remain in total bondage and the current class of office holders remain in total control of state’s structure and resources for the sole benefit of the class.

However, the ‘Street’ shall soon shout for joy all glory to God Almighty, who has heard the cry of His people and has provided a Dark Horse in the person of Abdulazeez Yinka Oniyangi for the Office of Governor of Kwara State. He is indeed a Dark Horse because he is a silent and humble achiever with record achievements that are worthy of emulation. Mr Oniyangi is a man with amiable pedigree that cuts across several human endeavours, and no doubt, he is the exact Character that fits into the desire of the people on the street. Yinka as he is commonly called, comes from a home with exemplary qualities, a home with very amiable historical background of exceptional service to the public and humanity, and a home blessed with many ‘incorruptible’ national figures and statesmen.

Aside his good family upbringing, Abdulazeez Yinka oniyangi is not only a son of the soil, but grew up here in Ilorin among his friends and peers who hails from across nooks and crannies of kwara State, and across all classes and social strata. He is indeed extensively knowledgeable on Kwara state’s affairs right from when it was ‘good old kwara’ from here to present Kogi State. His family paid it dues like other families of old civil servants and traders across the state in contributing to the building of the common patrimony of Kwara state. It is this common patrimony that was painstakingly built over many decades by ‘our fathers’ that a crop of ‘imported folks’ have come from nowhere to destroy. May the labours of our parents never be allowed to perish in the abyss of bad leadership, Amen.

Abdulazeez Yinka Oniyangi is passionate about Kwara’s restoration and has not only consulted widely, but has networked extensively among like-minds across the length and breadth of the state. The general opinion is that many kwarans also yearn for the restoration of the state to the days of ‘old glory’ as built by the fathers of the State, and to define a new course of action that will prepare for a sound future for our children. These are the tenets that Abdulazeez Yinka Oniyangi seeks to lay for the coming generations of Kwarans.

Yinka’s emergence coincides with a timeline when Kwarans needs direction as regard finding a leader that is trustworthy, a leader that will not be ‘one of them’, a leader that will seek and listen to advice, a leader who is not corrupt, and a leader who will not be sectional. These qualities, kwarans have a consensus, is sacrosanct for a right choice of leadership come 2019.

It is this findings coupled with a zeal wrapped up in his ‘can-do’ spirit that propelled Abdulazeez Yinka Oniyangi to set aside time from his presently thriving vocation to answer to this call to service.

As such Kwarans can say uhuru because Abdulazeez Yinka Oniyangi is not alone in this call to service. The movement that Yinka leads is also full of technocrat and political actors of like-minds with impeccable pedigree in terms of their broad knowledge of kwara’s political and policy dictates and demographics. The movement has since set to work and is surely emerging with a sophisticated Master plan to move kwara State to the front seat of development drive in Nigeria.

He is a man ready to bring to bear his impeccable experience from public and private sectors to the service of the state. He has never mingled with the corrupt and will never mingle with them. This informed reasons why he carefully selected his political platform and he is working with a team that is untainted in all respect.

Aldulazeez Yinka Oniyangi is a man with widespread international link, a gift bestowed by God, and which he intends to deploy for the benefit of kwara State when elected to occupy the Ahmadu Bello Way Government House come 2019.

Adulazeez Yinka Oniyangi has a focus on building a world class Health, Agriculture and Education sectors for Kwara State as his first line policy focus. His development plans for Kwara State are people-centred and people driven, right from his policy formulation through to policy execution. He has a clear ambience to deliver cost efficient and effective service to the door step of every indigene and resident of Kwara irrespective of class, origin or religion, and to offer platforms for every kwaran to utilise their skills and expertise by participating in the governance process.

Yinka Slogan ‘Omituntun 2019’, which connote an era of refreshing, is a reflection of the innate passion that Yinka carries on the inside, to usher in a time of refreshing for kwarans God willing come 2019.

Yinka’s platform, the New Progressive Movement (NPM) is an emblem of newness in every ramification. It is made up select progressives, whose ideology is devoid of craze for wealth that has pervaded the political process. The NPM will never buy vote, and so will never have a course to recover any cost or deceive the populace. It’s a movement, and so belongs to every kwaran who wishes to come on board. Yinka’s understanding and which is shared by every member of the movement is that voting for the party makes a citizen eligible to take part in the governance framework.

No doubt, the emergence of Mr Abdulazeez Yinka Oniyangi in the 2019 polls will mark the beginning of refreshing time for Kwara State.

In what may be a surprise to pundits? This Green Horn joined the teaming number of contenders for the State leadership. What stands him out amongst them all is his non-affiliation with any political calling. On close encounter and discussion with him on the reasons for joining politics. He mentioned how painful it is to see how a town he grew up has gone into decay due to bad leadership. Taking the risk to salvage the situation is not a bad idea. For him if God will use him to better the lots of his people so should it be and if otherwise then he prays God to let him remain in his shell. All he wishes for his a new Kwara driven with honesty, accountability and improved economic activity. A rare statement from an aspirant for the Governorship position of a state. An astute achiever and very hardworking personality might perhaps be the game changer in Kwara Politics come 2019. Growing up in Ilorin his pride of place has been so exciting and as a genuine stakeholder he feels extremely sad about the situation we find ourselves. He believes all stakeholders shouldn’t be passive any longer but rather take back their society and migrate it back to what it used to be, from Godfatherism back to Kingmakers. For him, he believes the citizens are the kingmakers and that is what it should be.

His Biography

Abdulazeez Yinka Oniyangi was born on the 15th June 1967 in Ilorin Kwara State into the Oniyangi family. His father is Dr. Abdulkadir Salman Oniyangi one of the first generational Northern Region Medical Practitioner and founder of Hassanat Memorial Hospital, Ilorin and his mother a retired Educationist is Hajia Memunat Oniyangi (Nee Idiagbon Hassan Dogo) Sister of Late Major-General Abdulbaki Tunde Idiagbon. Hence for his high disciplinary culture of Honesty and Integrity and a detribalized personality.

He attended Trinity Nursery & Primary School and Government Secondary School, Ilorin, Kwara State. He has a Diploma in Insurance, BSC in Business Administration and a Masters in Business Administration all from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Kaduna State. He also Obtained a Distinction from the Famous West African Insurance Institute Banjul, The Gambia, and a Richelieu Dennis School of Risk Management.

A thorough bred administrator, a technocrat, a shrewd businessman, a philanthropist and God fearing person.

AbdulAzeez is professionally certified in several fields of endeavour and these include: Business Management, Marketing, Personnel Management, Insurance, Computer Science, Pension Administration, Information Technology and Transportation. He is an erudite scholar. He loves horse riding, travelling and spending quality time with his family.

Abdulazeez currently steers the ship as the Founder and President/CEO of Swift Air Ambulance Services Ltd, an organization that is into Medevac and Medical Tourism. Which he established in 2014 and commenced full operations in January 2015. He has successfully grown the fleet on his leasehold and on need basis the State of the Art Medical Intensive Care Unit Aircrafts to 17Units of Lear Jet 35,Lear Jet 45,Gulfstream and Bombardier Global Jets. An astute achiever who within the short –time of establishing the Medical Tourism Unit currently partners with Valiant Clinic, City Walk Dubai (Managed by Houston Methodist Leading Medicine of Texas) Owned by MERAAS Holdings of His Royal Highness Sheikh Mohammed Rashid IBN Maktoum the Vice-President and Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. Sole Nigeria Partner of the famous Saudi German Hospital, Madinah. Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, Rak Hospital of Ras-Al-Khaimah, Advanced Care Oncology Centre.Al-Zahra Hospital, Al-Bashar, Dubai, SCI International, New Delhi, India and Shemer Medical Center, Haifa, Israel amongst many others.

He has worked with several organizations. He was Assistant Vice President at Lotus Capital-Halal Investment Ltd, the Pioneer Islamic Investment Asset Management Firm in Nigeria at a time. Also a pioneer in the Contributory Pension Industry where he worked as the Northern Regional Manager of ARM Pension Manager LTD, he was also the Pioneer Branch Manager (Abuja) at Leadway Pensure PFA LTD at a time in his life. He also gave his best at the Nigeria Reinsurance Corporation where he served at the Corporate Research and Development Department as a Research Executive.

AbdulAzeez Yinka Oniyangi is a consistent, hardworking, highly motivated, friendly, outgoing and a very dependable person who enjoys working with the public. His objective is to leverage his experience while he continues to be challenged. He has the drive and determination to consistently achieve success as a leader. He is inspired by the zeal to always want to add value to whatever life endeavour he finds himself, continued growth and success are his mission. His role models are the Holy Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and the Prophet Eesa (PBUH) (Jesus Christ).

AbdulAzeez Yinka Oniyangi, who is a simple, God-fearing and an easygoing person believes that Truth and fairness in every situation are key. His best slogan, “Never Say Never”. As a very experienced person, he knows better why he chose the slogan. His Integrity and honesty has been Internationally recognized by his business associates and which he continues to enjoy as a representative of International organizations.

AbdulAzeez Yinka Oniyangi has a pragmatic problem solving skill. He is an articulate communicator who has the ability to interpret and explain written and statistical data to any size of audience, has a high ethical standard and integrity, pays attention to details, very committed, has excellent human relationship and time management skills, a psychologist – as he can convey difficult and challenging situations, an avid reader, a passionate achiever and a very loving family man.

Abdulazeez Yinka Oniyangi has the vision of putting his homeland, Kwara State in its rightful place.

He wishes to use his God-given wisdom, intelligence and acumen, harmonize these with the past experiences of those who have governed the state to take it to its rightful position.

There is a saying that “you cannot feature in a future whose picture you have not captured” The future is here, AbdulAzeez is the future, Kwarans should capture him in their minds for the ultimate good of the state.

Sometimes back he made a first declaration of Intent to join the list of aspiring candidates on his social media page. This was received with a huge surprise and unexpectedly of an unusual technocrat joining the teaming list.

A recap of his declaration goes thus: -


I've come to launch my INTENT for the ELECTIVE POST OF GOVERNOR OF KWARA STATE because here is where the revival of Kwara State must begin. Here is where we must begin to take back our state from bad leadership . . . where we must reclaim our diminished glory.

One thing we all have in common regardless of Party affiliation, status, or creed is a deep-seated sense of discontentment in our state. The question then arises;

What are we doing about it?

Are we to join with the platforms that have run our State down, or to enlist in the war of justice? What nation would deny its pioneers and a people who have made such contributions to culture? No government can long endure that fails to guarantee to its people the right to live as human beings.

We've been hit just as hard with manmade problems. No one knows better than the people of this State. Times are tough, but Kwarans have never been ones to sit back and merely suffer change. Our state has always attracted people with the grit and determination to shape their own future. That's what we must do today. We must lead the change; we must shape the future;

The truth is, we've already begun.

Government can give people in need a hand up in life, but it shouldn't give them a hand out. In fact, this is punishing people who chose the dignity of work over the dependence of the dole. We will change that. Work pays better then welfare.

As this project is announced, the pundits would say it would be a test of Will, I'm proud to say we will meet the test, we will make the grade.

Kwarans still face tough times. And to get through these tough times, we need more than ten point plans and catchy slogans. What Kwara needs today is strong and unflinching leadership of which I am presenting myself?

Dear All, the Governor of Kwara must be many things -- a crisis manager when the earth shakes or the forest burns, a booster for jobs across, a person of conviction who can stand up for what's right no matter what the consequences or who's opposed. But today, above all, the Governor of Kwara State must be one thing -- a leader, a leader who can bring Kwarans through these times to a future of new hope and opportunity.

I believe I'm the man for that job. I learned about leadership by example and by experience. I learned leadership from a Grandfather I never knew, because he gave his life walking the beat on a city street. I learned it from a father who raised a family, taught his children they had better give something back to the community that gave them so much.

Guaranteeing health care, education and welfare for the families isn't just wrong; it's the right thing to do.

We need leadership to stand up to the special interests to fight for jobs and reform our schools.

We need leadership to make the tough choices necessary to make Kwara State shine again.

Kwara State will have a great tomorrow, if we make the right choices today.

Starting here, I'm going to take this massage of a better future for our state from one end of Kwara State to the other.

As an aspirant, I've travelled nearly a quarter of a million miles around this state, but today I'm glad to say that we're just getting warmed up. Today, I'm launching my Intention to run for Election.

I ask for your support in this quest to make Kwara State shine again.

Thank you. And God bless you.

What more would you have expected from this Green Horn and original son of the soil with a huge history of love of his people and proudly an Ilorin Citizen. No matter how the pendulum swings 2019 will sure be of great Interest in the emerging game in Kwara. The question is, will Kwara Citizens wake up to grab this Stallion or continue with the Stereotypes? With limited resources at his disposal the Dark Horse sure knows it’s going to be a herculean task but his very strong belief and values in God’s Decision will always supreme.

As he celebrates his Birthday we wish him God’s guidance in his endeavors and look forward to a Kwara under his watch.

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