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Press Release: Politics Wiki

Innovations have kept the world moving. Innovations and inventions have brought fresh perspectives to old discussions, and that is why innovations can never be taken out of human existence.

In light of the above, we are glad to introduce to you, a sparkly innovation that will change the Nigerian political landscape. We call it Politics Wiki

The goal of Politics Wiki is to introduce a new perspective that will help Nigerians decide who their representatives are. Through series of compendiums, we will be analysing the  backgrounds and manifestos of different political aspirants in different states of the country, in order to help people know who their leaders are. These compendiums will be released in different accessible readable formats.

We are here, and we are about to change the discussion. We are Politics Wiki. And we will help you know more about your politicians. Let's change the narrative.


Olasupo Abideen
Founder, Politics Wiki

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