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LETTER TO THE SUEGBE - Kwara Must Change

Dear Suegbe,

I bring you greetings from the warm platform of Kwara Must Change.

I hope this message meets you well in good health and sound frame of mind.

If you don't know who a suegbe is, you don't have to worry because we would explain.

A suegbe is someone who wakes up every morning, come on social media to praise sing the same people who destroyed their life and that of their state, under the guise of looking for recognition or accolade.

Suegbe is someone who praise sing people that stole and are still stealing their present and future.

Suegbe is more of an attack dog, who bully other people simply because they want to effect positive change against the status quo.

Anyone who does the above and others like it is qualified to be a suegbe.

Now that you already know yourself, let me give you some advise.

The pay slip attached to this post belong to a lady working in oke okun. She doesn't even live in Nigeria, yet she receives about N140k as salary every month from your principal. Since 2015,she has been getting alert from her gtb account, but she is not even here to spend the money.

While you wake up every morning, assume the role of e-thug, spam the internet with propaganda and bully others all day, the people who matter to your oga are getting paid without doing anything.

My people, you don't have to be foolish to be paid.

Understand that, nobody takes an e-thug serious. The best they can offer an e-thug is money for food and megabyte. Nothing more.

We urge you all, most respectfully to put your life to better use. Learn better skills, have some dignity, respect yourself and you will be more valuable.

Yours Sincerely
Kwara Must Change

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