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Letter To My Constituents By AbdulGafar Ayinla Ayilara

Most people say politics is a dirty game, but the truth of the matter is that, for better or for worse, decisions made by politicians affect our lives. Their decisions could mean there is more money in our bank accounts, and it could also mean premature death for some of us if, for instance, they plunge our nation into a state of war! Because of the enormous powers wielded by politicians, not least the elected ones, it would be foolish not to be interested in the sanity and maturity of their members. It is precisely because of this that constitutionalists, even when they are not prepared to throw themselves in the mud with politicians, dissipate much energy in prescribing qualifications for the power elite at different levels of political governance.

Fortune favors the brave”, it is commonly said. This quote aptly describes the journey of what has become a watershed moment in the movement to encourage inclusion and better participation of young people in politics in Nigeria as embodied by the ‘Not Too Young to Run’ movement.

Before I go further, let me quickly tell you little about my many benevolent profile;  I was born in Ilorin in the late 80s to the families of Late Alhaji Ayinla Ayilara and Late Alhaja Taiye Ayilara (Of blessed memories).

I received my elementary education at Ajoke Nursery and Primary School, Taiwo Road, Ilorin. I had my secondary education at the prestigious Federal Government College, Ilori. I also went to  Darul-ullum Islamic school at Isale koto, ilorin. And that’s where I learn how to read and translate the holy Quran, and Hadith of the holy prophe ( S.A.W). While In a bid to further my education, I proceeded to University of Ilorin, Ilorin, for my Bachelor of Law Degree. After which I proceed to Nigeria law school in Abuja to acquire my Llm. While I did my 3weeks orientation camp in Nwanunue BENUE STATE, which I later redeploy to Ogun State and I was posted to Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

I wish to express my interest to the elders and stakeholders of PDP about my interest to represent my people in the 2019 general election under the platform of People’s Democratic Party. This is a decision have been thinking for a very long time and I think now is the time to be involved In doing the needful by meeting up with the challenges of my still building political career.

As a young man from Ilorin, my manifesto and plans for the people is very simple and that is tagged ,'DELIVERING DIVIDENDS OF DEMOCRACY THROUGH TRANSPARENCY'.

I want you see me as that boy from Ilorin who is still in his late 20s and who has the zeal and capacity to represent his people. My manifesto includes going around neighbourhoods, door-to-door, to explain to people what I plan to do and I'm sure it will give me a edge in the path to my ambition. The point of this story is to explain that at my young age, I have something of value to offer that you my constituents are going to find valuable enough and that's why I want you to choose me. This is the beauty of democracy.

If someone is qualified and trusted for the job, voters should not be deprived of that person as an option.

God bless you!


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