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Large Scale Fraud Midwife APC Congress in Kwara State

Press Statement:

Large scale fraud midwife APC Congress in Kwara State

The crisis in Kwara State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) deepens on Friday night with a faction of the party describing the process leading to the ward congress as fraudulent.

In a statement issued on Friday in Ilorin by the factional chairman, Hon. Olayemi Olabanji, said the process is too tainted with fraud and can't lead anywhere.

"Why has Balogun Fulani-led executive that have been given special recognition by national secretariat issued two statements in less than three hours.

"Party members were at the secretariat on Thursday with money ready to purchase nomination forms and they were stuntly denied their right as loyal members of the party.

"We searched everywhere and eventually got the guidelines, where we saw that what is done in Kwara State chapter of the APC is totally different from what are spelt out in the congress guidelines.

"There is no where in the congress guidelines where the power to blow hot and cold at the same time was given the Balogun Fulani executive. In one breath it issued a statement putting stop to sales of nomination form at 12:30pm and in few hours later it said it has been extended to the midnight. What an unfortunate situation we have found ourselves as a people!

"We therefore request that the ward congress in Kwara State be cancelled as the process is not only  enmeshed in fraud but midwifed by a procured congress chairman, in person of Senator Mohammed Ohiare." It concluded.

Hon. Olayemi Olabanji
All Progressives Congress (APC),
Kwara State Chapter,

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