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IMPLICATION: IT BOOMERANG By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

If one has been favoured with kindness, one ought to give thanks. People sacrifice what they have to sustain their power and step on who ever cross across their path.

Kwara state, a state of harmony as acclaimed. The tactical views clocking round the state with the kind of system been operate in the state make it look unharmonized.

Politicians use hoodlums and thugs to step up their agenda, perhaps the only bullet that scared away politicians is the ballot boxs.

Thuggery in the state as becomes a profitable oriented business venture, empowered and well equipped by politicians use for business as usual.

Good boy's in the state are special anti Force agency for top politicians in the state. They elevate and promote them without undergoing any law school for training. They are the highest pay servant under the payroll of politicians in the town, they ride the lastest car in the town and work freely.

Who dare to wait when hearing the roaring shout of a lion?

Kwara state has suffered from leadership control in the state. Graduate are on the street trekking from morning to night searching for what to do. Alas, good boys are flexing, enjoying like the king of Arab.

The recent arrest by police in the state called the attention and questions arose from all angles. They were arrested and interrogate, they were later transferred to abuja for further investigation.

You don't flog a masquerade that enters your house mistakenly, you politely tell him that he has missed it's way.

The eye's sympathizer of the state governor over the transferred of the cultists. The implication lyrics of Senate president got people attention.

Many cultists and hoodlums are being arrested and transferred to Abuja many years back. Why is the Senate president is furious about the arrest of this cultists guys?

 When Igbomina leader's from Oro-Ago, Ifelodun LGA, was transferred to Abuja for self defense when the town was maliciously invaded by Fulani, no one make the shout of Implication.

Even when Offa community leader's were arrested and transferred to abuja during the OPC vs Offa poly crisis,no one shout for implication message.

A child can play with his mother's breast but never dare with the father's testicle. When recruiting the good boys for their ambition, they never know that it would boomerang because they are in control of power.

The Senate president should respect the office of IGP and be law abiding citizen. He should allow the police to perform their statutory responsibility by investigating the matter. If ironically, get implicate in the matter, he should go to the the appropriate body for clarity.

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