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Some weeks ago, I had the privilege of meeting Sheikh Abdul Raheem Aduranigba (otherwise known and referred to as Imam Yoruba in Ilorin). In his message to me, he told me that he had been invited to the Police Commissioners office in Kwara State .....for whatever reason God Knows. But that is stale news now. Thank God he has been released..... but again, why are we surprised?

It is pertinent to state that Imam Yoruba had given an explosive speech at the session organized by the DAWN commission. In his speech, he stated categorically that the Fulani's  must be reminded who the real landowner is,  in Ilorin, Kwara State.

For me, that speech of his gave me hope and further reinforces my conviction that Yoruba land will be, and must be, freed from the chokehold of Nigeria! Tough but achievable!

He spoke boldly and reminded us, that of the sixteen (16) local governments in Kwara State, twelve (12) have Yoruba's as majority! Lending credence to the assertion that Kwara state is Yoruba land.... so why should we have an emir as the paramount ruler? (My opinion)

Sheikh Abdul Raheem Aduranigba (Imam Yoruba) is bold, courageous and I will give him my support over and above Professor Yemi Osinbajo..... Why? Imam Yoruba will protect Yoruba's interest more than our dear Professor. That is certain.......

The Development Agenda for Western Nigeria (DAWN) must include Yoruba's in Kwara and Kogi as requested by imam Yoruba.... a very important observation coming from him.

Imam Yoruba destroyed the slave mentality adopted by many Yoruba Muslims, exhibiting his sound knowledge of Islam and Arabic having spent nine (9) years in Saudi Arabia studying Arabic! But he has a huge task ahead and he has to start with article 15 of the constitution of the Nigerian Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs (NSCIA). The same article that forbids any Yoruba man or woman from vying for the number one or two positions in an organisation funded by all taxpayers, (including Yoruba tax payers)!

Imam Yoruba: a true son of Yoruba land, has my respect any day anytime!

Olayele Awosika
11th May 2018

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