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CAILS Protest: Saraki Constituency Office Security Shoot At Students

The sporadic gun shot heard by the residents of Olohunshogo, Western reservoir road, Adewole estate and the people that were carrying out their daily activities (buying and selling) at mandate market drew their attentions toward the peaceful protest by Kwara State College of Arabic and Islamic Legal Studies Law Students (CAILS) of over 500. The protest based on the  unpaid salary of the CAILS STAFFS which contributes to the poor performance of the students after lecturers have decided to move away from lecture room. From what inscribed on the placard carried by the law student are includes;
  • We pays school fees at time due so provide us lecture room
  • Give us school hall
  • Kwarans come to our rescue
  • We lack qualitative education
  • This is maladministration and so on.
The weird scene that some how disheartened and totally bizarre was the sporadic shooting by the security agency at saraki mandate arena which caused two female law students to be fainted and brought them into coma. As they both collapsed the thugs that are permanently fixed to mandate, while on pay roll like those that were just being transfered to abuja for murdered case, speedily approached the ground to cover the victims and carried them into unknown destination within the premises.

Presently we don't know their condition.

The worsen directors:
The Director General of the mandate 'Alhaji Musa Abdullahi Ore, Director of Project 'Yinka Otukoko and others were inside pretended as if they weren't aware of what was going on outside that almost take a life of an innocent law students.

The stupidity of these people was that they ought to leave the thugs/hoodlums, that have no first school leaving certificate, to be addressing the protesters, the law students in possessions of presentable SSCE which gives them the glory to be an undergraduate law students.
  • I can first in my life see where thugs are addressing an educationists at protest in Kwara State.
  • I can first see where government were releasing bullet to address the students.
  • I can first see the state where thugs are recognized over the students. Your days are numbered. Culled from TVC kwara.

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  1. Let's be realistic? Is mandate office the appropriate office to channel their protest to? Is mandate office the ministry of education or tertiary education? Or is mandate office that is the office of the administrator of the state. It is good to criticise but let it be constructively