On behalf of my family and friends, it gives me immense pleasure to convey Ramadan greetings to brothers and sisters in Islam.I pray the Almighty God grants  them the grace to derive maximum benefits from this blessed month for their life in this world and hereafter. May He also grant them the strength and stamina to work even harder to help the poor and the needy in various parts of the globe.

This holy month is traditionally an observation of the first revelation of the Qu’ran to Prophet Mohammed, and whick took place during the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar.

During Ramadan, Muslims across the globe will refrain from eating, drinking, and other physical needs.

It is a time when they  purify themselves, focus on God and practice sacrifice and self discipline. It is also a time to remember our brothers and sisters who have been adversely affected by the devastating insurgency. We pray to Almighty to takeaway their suffering and grant them succor, Amen.

May God's mercy and blessings be with you all throughout this Blessed month and throughout the year, Amen.

Happy Ramadan Kareem to you all

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