ABDULGAFAR AYINLA AYILARA: The Silent Philanthropist - Ismail Adekilekun

This write up is not borne out of sheer vain glorious imaginations or because I am the most lettered. But I consider this a great opportunity to write about this achiever and a blessings to humanity. An opportunity that doesn't come too often. If there's ever a time in history, when the studies of the fundamentals of leadership should be added to the schools' curriculum, this can't but be a better time.

AbdulGafar Ayinla Ayilara is always a man to reckon with owing to his strand record as a lover of the masses, his people. As a lover of grassroots, has being been a positive force to reckon with in every blessed ramifications. AbdulGafar Ayinla Ayilara  his relentless efforts to better the life of his people has embarked on a sumptuous community development projects in other to cushion and support the efforts of the government of the state.

Among his community development program includes, provision of two motorised boreholes, provision of 10,000 each educational support fund for 10 students, Empowerment support for widows, quarterly entrepreneurship programmes for more than 100 youths.

His affinity with both the high and mighty and the downtrodden is second to none. He leaves no stone unturned in grassroots developments, socio-economic worries and general political affairs. Be that as it may, Olayemi has fondly called has contributed immensely towards the growth and development of his people in Kwara state. .

He's presently engaging in some other visible places amongst many other community development projects to come.

Hitherto, AbdulGafar has never hold any political post before now, he has been voluntarily doing every bit of community development projects from his personal pocket. It should interest you that he has been regarded has a silent achiever doubled an upcoming magnate of a new political future of Kwara state.

AbdulGafar Olayemi desires for equity and equality continues to resound to high heavens. In plain and simple term, I like to say well done to the people of his constituency who has recognised the unrelentless work of their son. Indeed your breed is rare and your stock is scarce.

Ismail Adekilekun Writes from Ilorin.

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