So Far, So Good - Kayode Oyin-Zubair (KOZ)

The initiator of Goal-Getters Initiative, Kayode Oyin-Zubair in commemoration of the one year of his interventionist program on water took to the social media outlets reeling out some of his achievements.

Goal-Getter Initiative is a Non-governmental Organization specialized in giving drinkable water to communities around Kwara state by repairing their boreholes/pumps and also by digging new boreholes as the matter may be.

His statement goes thus;

So far, so good

"On this day, precisely 19th day of April 2017, we opened a completely new page in community development by pulling private resources together to attend to a pressing  need of our people -water.

We achieved more than we could imagine. We touched 12 local government areas, worked in the three senatorial districts and available in more than 90 communities where we have repaired about 200 pumps.

We drilled new boreholes, salvaged bad holes and gave advisory services.

We are still working! Our commemorative activities will be unveiled very soon when the story will be properly told.

Thank you for the prayers, counsel and support so far".

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