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Saraki Visit To Kwara NYSC Camp Is The Biggest Hypocritical Act Of All Time By Olawepo Adeyemi

Dear Senate president,

You can only fool yourself with your visitation to the National Youth Service corps orientation camp at Yikpata, in Edu local government area of kwara state because many people know that your failure as a Governor, as godfather, as a senator and also as kwara state political leader leads to this tragic incidence.

Sir; Let me open the book for you to remind you if you have forgotten how you bastardized the primary healthcare your predecessor Late (Rtd. Admr) Muhammed Alabi Lawal left behind when he is leaving the office as the governor of kwara state. Lawal constructed primary healthcare centers in all the 193 wards of kwara state with the aim of making healthcare system available to all but today all the primary healthcare centers are no more and all we have is your constituency offices across many wards while those primary healthcare centers are no where to be found.

The same orientation camp you visited and you are dishing out millions, when you are the governor of kwara state what is your contribution to the camp in terms of facilities and equipping the camp health sector? But you are there to celebrate your failure in disguise of a philanthropist through giving out millions after you have failed in discharging your responsibility

I was opportune to visit Edu local government area of kwara state where the National Youth Service Corps orientation camp is located, while I also visited the General hospital at Lafiaji where the lady was suppose be taken to for first aid treatment before she gave up to a ghost, but the condition i met this facility i very bad. A general hospital with an empty oxygen cylinder for past 3 years, no X-ray machine, with just 2 doctors, no drugs, no Intensive Care Unit (ICU) system, no water, no electricity, an hospital with rusted beds and a lot of deficiencies.

Sir; with above deficiencies embattling with the hospital in that locality can it support life talkless of saving life?

Let me drop my pen here for now.....while I leave you with those question to answer.

Olawepo Adeyemi

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