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Protest: Lafiagi Emirate Youth Transperent Association Protest Against Sen.Shaaba Lafiagi And Ahman Patigi Leadership

An information from a reliable source reaching Kwarareporters from Lafiagi, have it that group of youth called Lafiagi Emirate Youth Transparent Association (LEYTA) in Lafiagi, troop out in mass yesterday to welcome Senator Shaaba Lafiagi the Senator who is representing the Kwara North at the House of Senate in Abuja with placards in their hands which carries messages like;

"Senator Shaaba Lafiagi and Aliyu Bahago is a failure"

"We are fighting for a reason because we vote for a reason"

"We have not enjoy any dividend of democracy from Sen. Shaaba Lafiagi and Aliyu Bahago"

And many more.....

And If you could remember few months back the same Senator Shaaba Lafiagi who attack his own people with his security which the attack claimed the life of two promising youth of his constituency, planning another attack again.

According to our source, yesterday evening Senator Shaaba Lafiaji was having a meeting on how to lunch another attack through the use of thugs "Good boys" which their target is the leadership of the association.

Check below for more photos of the scene;

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