Lets Rebuild To Strengthen The Saraki Dynasty By Barrister Titilope Akogun

Permit me to salute the ever gallant,  peaceful and respected leaders of the dynasty and our party in general.

I must commend your brave strides, which have preserved the dynasty from the days of the late Olushola Saraki.  You have indeed laid a very solid foundation of some principles anchored on strong political ethics.

This metharmosphosed into a sustainable  legacy which garment of leadership was bestowed on our political mentor, distinguished  leader and relaibale pilot,  Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki CON, who have continued to blaze the trail in politics and governance, and have equally surpassed the feat of his late father. Building on the solid foundation laid by Baba Oloye,  Dr. Bukola Saraki has achieviled greater success and building bridged within and outside Kwara State.

Lo and behold, the time is ripe to restructure and further strengthen the dynasty, anchored on the same principle of loyalty and performance.

I have been involved in the power play of the politics of the dynasty from my university days,  which has opened me to more possibilities that could come out of the dynasty.

A cursory look at the dynasty will reveal that the dynasty has produced a lot of performers in time past, who have carved a niche for themselves in different fields of endeavours.

What has sustained them in the dynasty and in the state is a combination of two factors to wit: LOYALTY and PERFORMANCE.

I have had the privilege of speaking before our distinguished leader,  Dr.  Abubakar Saraki a few times,  and one thing I'm convinced he proudly associates with is PERFORMANCE.

Let's not be deceived,  the only thing that could further sustain and strengthen Our Dynasty is performance if personified by all office holders in the state.

With a sterling performance in office,  which SP Abubakar Bukola Saraki prides, we would further strengthen the dynasty.

The usual manner of attributing non performance of office holders either elected or not to a Leader in the state should be thrashed in the dust bin.

Our people demand and deserved more.  We have been trying our best - there is, however, a need for us to do more.

The only way to assist the political structure is not by mere praise singing but by entrenching the performance ideologies in the structure in the state especially by our office holders.

The stakeholders at both the wards, local government and state level should increase their interest in the manifestos of aspirants vying for political offices and question them on how they intend to execute their manifestos.

Let's help the dynasty by recommending capable hands and eschew favouritism and nepotism in our politics.

The non-performing leaders we have had in time past have been products of the wards. They were recommended and nominated by us. Why go behind to criticize Saraki for their poor performance in office.

There is the dire need to scrutinize aspirants as 2019 approaches. As we all know, political jobbers will soon saturate the political atmosphere.

Let's not fall again for their cheap ego. Let's reduce the impact of the peanuts and bags of rice they give to us as stakeholders.

Has it made us rich or has it sustained us in the past 3 and half years? Certainly, No.

The Time To Act is Now!

Barrister Titilope Akogun
Omu Aran, Kwara.

President, BTA Foundation

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